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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Families, marriage and all that....

Don't you think it's funny how when we're little our families mean everything to us? We don't know otherwise, at least that's how it was for me, the youngest of four, we were a big rabble of a family with a noisy house but we stuck together through thick and thin and believe me there was a lot of thick and thin.
Then after school and starting out on my own I was so independent that it was only the family get togethers that were the glue keeping me attached to the rest of the clan. I wouldn't dare miss one, not a Christmas or Easter and oftentimes in the summer we'd all get together and had some really great times. My 21st birthday, Mum's 50th, Mum and Graham's wedding and even the occational funeral. Still good times to get with the family and show them we love them.
Now it's my turn to give that family security to my kids and believe me they talk about it every day. They talk about who they get their curls from and who gave them their beautiful blue eyes, who the crazies are and who gave them their smarts. We have family hugs at every available opportunitiy and even enroll some special friends into the family. Of course the dogs and the fish also count.
It's become an Easter tradition to go to Tampa and visit with the family, we get together at Great Grannies place and have an egg hunt and a cook out. Everyone is there and it's a really good time. The weather is always pleasant and there's always something going on. It makes you feel safe and comfortable and the girls look forward to coloring eggs with Great Grannie every year. This year was no exception, we all arrived there (we're usually first!)we get the food set out and the girls start their creations. Aunt Janet had the best thing I had ever seen, it's like a huge jug thing that sits on a bed of ice and you fill it with sangria (or whatever) and it has a little tap that you pour the beverage from. This way it stays cool and it's not messy. Guess who had way too much Sangria????? No, not Great Grannie but I wish she had. You could say I had a large time but you know what, it was one of the best Easter get togethers I could hardly remember in a long time!! Steve's sister Kim was in great spirits and she kept me laughing all weekend not just on Sunday. I let loose people and have no regrets. I am still chuckling at my parting comments as Steve hustled me out to the car!!! I won't put it on the blog but I know the family at large were probably shocked. Who cares??? Steve and I laughed about it the next day and that's all that matters. Life is fun people, get out there and live it... go to your next family get together and go for it. If you can't be yourself with your nearest and dearest who can you be????? I am so looking forward to the next one.

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Lindsay said...

That is so awesome! I love big family get togethers. We almost never have them with my family, but have them at least once a year with Jamie's. They make the best memories. Your girls will treasure them forever!