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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The dreaded dentist!!!

It's a well known fact that American's make fun of the British dentistry and they imagine that we all look like Austin Powers!! That sucks!!! well today I am off to the dentist to have some major work done and I am dreading it. Steve made the comment last night that I am going to have years of crappy British dentistry fixed, not so, I used a guy over here who in a couple of visits managed to fuck up my whole mouth. That is what I am now having fixed, this time by someone who has a state of the art facility and I trust will do a jam up job!!!! I am also friendly with his super nice wife, not that that should make a difference.

I am not sure which is scaring me most, the lengthy, painful procedure and recovery time or the damn huge bill!!!!!!!!!! Such is life, grin and bear it!!!!!! I'll check in later when I am high on pain killers and let you know how it went.

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