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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh to be 8 again.....

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be 8 again???? I do. Probably 'cos I am watching Sydney grow up and every day one is reminded of how it was "when I were a lass". Things are so different now though... or are they? Kids still say the same things like "spell I-cup" yeah, yeah , yeah we all did that one. They still tell on their friends and then five minutes later they are best buds again.

One difference though is the technology that they are so "down with"; Sydney explained something to me this morning about how her brain works and it goes like this. There is a big personal profile in there about an inch thick she said, there's a front page that has all her important things on it, like her birthday, Science day and Olympic day which by the way is the 29th. (thanks for telling me Syd 'cos the calendar said the 30th and I had made plans around that). You go girlie, she sounds pretty organized for a little kid. Good to know she thinks of her brain as a computer and not a ball of ugly grey worms!!! This chicklet could really rule the world one day with all these smarts she has.

Another thing that struck me is the similarities between us. Some of my girlfriends and I love to read Jen Lancaster novels and Janet Evanovich, these are a couple of the ladies that have inspired me lately in my ramblings. I'm currently reading Chelsea Handler (good, but a little more sour humored). Anyway Sydney gets excited about Judy Moody and Junie B. Jones... not so different people, it's like big girl reading with out the references to vodka and sex. A little more on the 8 year old front but it's her first step on the ladder of progression to Janet and Jen; I find it kind of comforting to know. And how about Webkinz??? Have you ever looked at that?? It's like facebook for kids, Steve loves it!!!! now that worries me. Syd gets on that thing and is there for ever playing games against other kids (and yes I do worry about them being actual kids). She can send messages to her friends (I monitor this also to make sure they are only kids from around here that she has their user names). Even Ashley is pretty adept on the old Webkins and she's not yet five!!!!!

Next they'll be blogging... God only knows what they'd talk about but if I ever get the courage I'll let Sydney sit down and write something on my blog for you!!! Believe me it would be a treat.

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