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Friday, April 17, 2009

Stress, blurkers and champions.....

OK this is a chronological review of my week... first off we arrive home safely on Monday with no happenings of note on the journey home. I was pretty exhausted and just got through the rest of the day doing the absolute bare minimum, I mean breathing, eating, going to the bathroom and that's it. Someone once complimented me years ago by telling me that I am the kind of person who doesn't wear a watch on vacation... you betcha!!! Why would you?? Anyway, because I can easily slip into complete relaxation when I go somewhere for a break it leads to a major panic attack when I get home. Laundry, bills, balancing the books, work, school, groceries, pets and DUST!!! they all surround me and absolutely do my head in. That's how I felt Tuesday morning when I got up. After spending the day at work with the jokers I love I felt a lot better, that evening I had a JSL meeting... uh oh.. another time sucker!!! Luckily the meeting went well and was quick people quick... this day's getting better and better. So I go home and feeling pretty good I can get some chores done and get the kids to bed. Wednesday.. another glorious day when I manage to actually make sense of Quicken and pay some bills, always a plus. Holli (my absolute saviour) offers to have the kids after school and take them to choir and even drop them home!! She's a saint and such an inspiration to me... she has her own busy life but still manages to fit in taking every one's kids to everything!!!! God bless her. So I have more time to do more things and I actually cook dinner with Steve and have an hour or so uninterrupted conversation... AWESOME!! He's so funny and when I can actually spend time with him we have a great time together. So here comes Thursday and I'm starting to feel like I have actually accomplished something... I set to juggling kids, Baton, sitters and Dairy Queen night. All so that I can again spend a couple of hours with hubby and relax at the Bookshelf where they are open late and have a guy with a guitar and some wine. Not your most exciting way to have a date you might think but we both like books - very different tastes - but we both like them. He was afraid of being thought gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) because he was interested in the Decorating books... that's his business so it made sense to me. I just wish he'd actually execute all these grand plans he has for our home!!!
This is where I discovered what a "blurker" is.... you know who you are... show yourselves!!!!! So here it is Friday... I got up at 4.35am and cleaned the rest of the house, did two loads of laundry, got the kids off to school. I put some chicken in a marinade ready for tonight when we'll be entertaining family and did a wee blog. I am now a CHAMP, people, a CHAMP. My overwhelmedness (is that a word?) has subsided and I am SUPER MAMA!!!!!! The only glitch in the week was that when we got home last night the baby sitter told us that the School Dairy Queen night was a fathers, uncles, granddad night and she was the only sitter there!!! Oooops that makes us look like parents of the year now doesn't it!!! LOL.

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