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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretty Skills....

Sydney will be eight next week and I can hardly believe it, the time passes so quickly and they grow up right before your eyes. I try and think back sometimes to what I was like at eight and have no idea. I am sure I wasn't as smart and sassy as she is though.

We were at Tracy's wedding last weekend, which by the way was absolutely beautiful, there was quite a line for the buffet. It looked like something from a cruise!!! The fruit and vegetables were made into little birds and flowers and things, really awesome. So my darling Sydney kept going up there and coming back with plate after plate, she doesn't quite get the concept that you can put more than one thing at a time on your plate. Then she came up and whispered in my ear and asked me how did I think she kept getting to the food without standing in line? I replied I had no idea to which she answered that she was using her "pretty skills"!!!! Her Pretty Skills people... she's seven years, eleven months and twenty days old and she already has pretty skills!!!! Good for her but I hope she realizes she has smarts too. The combination of both will get her a long way I am sure!!!! Tracy's wedding was a lot of fun and the girls both mentioned how much they love her, Ashley even went so far as to tell me that she wants to live with Miss Tracy and she hopes that she doesn't die. Yep we all hope that Ashley but it's just not said out loud!! Especially on her wedding day!!!! Gotta love my little darlings.

p.s. No misspellings found again.. this blogging thing is really helping my old brain recoup the lost cells from Sat night!!!

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