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Monday, April 27, 2009

A little of Everything....

There is so much to get through!!!!! Firstly, I went to CVS on Sat and discovered that you don't have to spend the whole "whatever" on one day to get your extra care bucks back . If you're not a CVS'er you're not following this... bear with me. I spent $22 on John Frieda hair products last week, it was a buy $15 get 5 extra care bucks back so on the receipt it said that my balance for the week was $8. So Saturday I really wanted to try this new shampoo they have and I also needed batteries, I purchased the shampoo for $8.99 and got my(second) 5 extra care bucks back. They have AA batteries buy one get one free, a ten pack was $5.49 with one free so with my extra care bucks in tow I got twenty AA batteries for $1.59 with tax. Hope you can keep up with it, it was definitely a coup for me because we always need stupid batteries in this house!!!!!!! For one thing or another... hahahahahaaaa. Also I have used John Freida products since the old days back home so it's great to be rewarded for buying them, my little treat.

Next up. Steve's birthday went very well, he mowed the front lawn but didn't actually get the hedge trimmers out until Sunday when I helped him and my God we make a good team. Saturday night we went over to our friends place with a lot of other good friends and had a really great evening. It was like something from Animal Planet when the deer paid us a visit because they could smell the delicious food on the back porch. The kids were loving every minute of it, and so were the big kids. We tried to feed them a little but they are tired of crackers, they were moving in for the good stuff, the corn and the shrimp etc from the low county boil. They would have come into the house I am sure, apparently it has been known in the past. Then there were the huge green rain frogs on the side of the house, yep you guessed it, Sydney was all over that one and wanted to catch them. They were feasting on the damn mosquitoes... thousands of them about three inches long!!!! WTF... we did have bug repellent and I don't think anyone was seriously eaten alive or contracted swine flu or anything but holy crap I have never seen so many skeeters in my life. They were all in the house and so Charity broke out the Dyson and spent thirty to forty minutes sucking them up!!! Still, we all agreed a good time was had by all and although tame compared to last years celebrations (a whole other blog) it was awesome to spend time with great friends and superb food.

Sunday was the day of annual yard clean up!! Urrgghhh. not my fave day of the year by any stretch of the imagination. We trimmed the hedges with said new hedge trimmer, and yes, Steve cut the extension cord... knew it!!! We mowed the back and ditched all the ratty, mildewy dog toys, and ultimately...... raked the freakin' beds!!!! YUKKKK. The most hated job of all. This time though folks we are not re-mulching, no, no more of the madnesss. This time we're going for the ultimate mulch... ROCK... yeah... lots and lots of lovely rock that we can just pluck weeds from and never have to rake the shit out again!!! Wooo Hooooo I am so excited. We did about 75% of the front and are saving the rest for next weekend... it's like real work and Steve did make the comment that he'd hate to do this for a living. No shit!!!!

So with yard looking wonderful (almost), batteries in every appliance, the whole family fed and happy after the low county boil, Steve happy because I was extra nice all weekend!! We're looking good for the coming week.... Bring it!!!!! No CRCT, no parades, no costume dramas. This will be a nice relaxing week building up to the biggest day of the McGillicutty year.... Sydney's Birthday!!! Oh yeah, turning EIGHT!!! Go Sydney it's your birthday, go Sydney it's your birthday!!!!!Did I mention she's growing like a weed too....

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