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Saturday, July 31, 2010

And Now for More Randomonium!!!!!

it's been a while so here we go.... 

I need a Randomonium Button, I will use some of the time I have on my 
hands to see if I can make one, if it doesn't turn out I'll be calling on some of my 
more techno savvy bloggy pals for help.


His gorgeousness and I challenged each other to an IQ test tonight, we sat at opposite
ends of the kitchen table with our laptops and took the test simultaneously with 
Syd adjudicating.... the results were SHOCKING!!! I must have been severely 
distracted in this setting because he managed to score a whole two points more than me.
So? what of it? big whoop not a big deal! i hear you cry. 
Apparently these particular two points place him in genius status and me merely in superior
intelligence... am I hearing the end of it???.... not yet!!!! 

The best part was that He and Syd were cleaning the kitchen after dinner and he
was giving her a hard time about fitting the dishes in the dishwasher... she then jibed
"well sorry I can't be the genius that you are!!".  LMAO!!! 

School starts Monday.. where the hell did Summer go??? 
oh's still freakin' here!!! 
Temps in the 100's and everything. This makes for
a very hot sticky beginning to the school year... good luck teachers.
Both my kids are more than excited......I keep hearing them saying "I love school"
let's hope this enthusiasm keeps up well into Middle school and beyond. 
Syd is excited that she has bright parents and thinks it makes her doubly bright! 

Last night the kids went to a spend the night party and we didn't... whoah Nelly
... I'm not about to share all that.... we stayed home and had dinner and a movie.
We got Sherlock Holmes from Netflix (did I mention I love Netflix)
and I have to say I was very, very impressed!!! Add it to your list now. 
Maybe I can lure Netflix into sponsoring my blog....just sayin'.

I have been on a mission to rid myself of all the clutter in my life. Oprah keeps 
appearing in my dreams telling me to keep it simple, live an uncomplicated life and write
my own checks. Does she really do that? If I had her beau coups of cash I'd 
print my checks on Big Huge Labs or something using pretty fonts and backgrounds and 
make them huge like the ones they give Lottery winners. So, having said that I'm 
systematically ridding myself of all the chains holding me back, shredding stuff I 
think the fraudsters around here might steal, giving away the stuff that someone more needy
might need, recycling the cardboard, plastic and glass we just don't need!!! 
Can you say Liberating!!!!

Has Twitter changed??? I have been tweeting for about a year now and never really
paid a lot of attention until the other night. There were a bunch o' peeps suggested to me
so I followed them all... prolly you... and you and you... there blurking... so please check
me out, you can follow me from the sidebar, see it??? click it. thanks. 

and my final piece of randomonium for tonight is this... did you know I adore giraffes? 
and I took this picture... I know... really I did...and I do... absolutely adore them, look at that 
big beautiful eye, so kind and soulful... ~*~sigh~*~ 

Y'all have a good rest of the weekend now and come back and see me y'hear!!! 


Brian Miller said...

awww...giraffes are to feed them at the zoo last time i was are complaining about being superior in intelligence...shaking my

CatLadyLarew said...

I don't know if I can be friends with someone who's not as smart as their spouse. But then, you're both smarter than me, so what do I know? Big mistake, though, to out your intelligence to the kids!

Barb said...

I always knew you were smart! Love your pic. I'm sending you one I took a couple years ago. (not as good as yours)

McGillicutty said...

Thanks guys... the thing that makes Giraffes so appealing is that they are quiet.. like intelligent people.... and unlike moi. :)
Barb.. you pic rocks!!!!!

Char said...

beautiful shot - look at those lashes.

did you know that creative types generally have an IQ of 120 or above. :)

happy weekend

Lola said...

The picture of that giraffe is amazing!! Love it!

Ms. Attitude said...

You have some great photos on your blog here! Thanks for stopping by mine. Guess what? You won!