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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank you.... thank you all!!!!!

Lately I have been in a funk.... not just any old funk but a 
big ole funkety, funk, funkin' kinda funk. 

There are a myriad of reasons for this funk so don't jump to one
conclusion or another, I'm quite a complex gal with a jumble of issues
going on, any of which can rear their ugly head at any given time.
This just happens to be one of those times where they pretty much
all gang up on me at once. 

Then just like that... POP... the bubble of doom and gloom dissipates 
and I'm back.... all quirky, positive and thankful again. The 
regular me... sans demons on my shoulder... ready again to 
fight the good fight and rise from the depths of despair.

Dramatic, innit???

The things I that have dragged me out of the pitches of dreadfulness
are simple.... 

last night i stayed up late and watched Betelguese with my girls... yeah..yeah..
there are one or two cusses in there.. but that's it.. literally two.
We had a ball laughing together and they're still laughing this morning. 

We're going to swim in a natural spring this afternoon, all cold and 
deliciously refreshing. The kids are excited and eager to pack the picnic, 
pick out swim wear and get on the road. How wonderful that 
they love the outdoors and don't just want to sit in front of the Wii all day. 
Suck it're no match for Mother Earth.

this morning i'm cooking a huge batch of bacon, and for some reason
it's making me happy. there's no rational (get it, rashers) explanation for the 
happiness other than the smell, the crackling from the pan, the 
thought of a big fat bacon butty with ketchup!!!!! 
and lots of bacon grease to cook with later in the day... 
southern style!!!! 

His gorgeousness has been working really hard this week and it's
showing, he looks tired so i'm thankful that we get to relax this 
afternoon, he really deserves a break. He loves to swim with the
girls and even though it's not chlorinated water (he's afraid of sharks and germs)
I think he'll be OK in a crystal clear spring. 

i live in a fantastic community and when I was filling out an application 
for a career move (my new name for it) i had to put down some references. 
I thought about it and, guess what, there are a million really good peeps 
just outside my door who will vouch for me. That made me feel 
all warm and fuzzy... really... it did. I'm so thankful for the many totally, 
rockin', awesome friends i have here.

I have a Nikon... 'nuff said. 

My sisters are getting togeth with some cousins today in a far off land...
i'll hopefully be able to catch them on Skype later today.
That in itself is a monumental feat of accomplishment which has me 
perfectly giddy with excitement... you have no idea... and the kids
are bubbling with anticipation at "meeting" some cousins that they 
have never seen before. The wonders of modern technology, do
you remember when we only dreamed of such things???

Syd just wrote a short story and read it out load to me... it was 
really good... she's very creative.... it warms my heart!!!!! 

OK peeps.. gotta run... got shizzle to do and hope you do too. 
much big luv from the highly strung whacko that is me today!!! 

working for the mighty Dollar!!!! 


Stacey said...

Now that's more like it! Nice to have 'YOU' back! Have a wonderful day... Believe it or not, it is even actually HOT here! Upper 90's and all! I am envious of your swim caper today!

Brian Miller said...

hope you all have fun and come back refreshed...after a dip in the spring!

mama-face said...

oh yes... that picnic slash swim sounds delightful. Just the right cure for a funkity funk. I'll be looking for my 'spring' today.


Donda said...

Glad you are feeling better but bacon with ketchup?? Not sure I would be brave enough to try that!

Anonymous said...

Hm.... bacon! Love it! :o)

beth said...

so glad to hear that the funkety funk has subsided and life is good....and goes on.

Stacey said...

ok... So I tried emailing you with my info... Didn't work on my end. Can you email me and I'll reply? I really did answer you as soon as I heard the great news!

tori said...

I'm so glad your doom bubble popped! ha (love that)!