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Monday, July 5, 2010

Thanks for the advice.... NOT!!!!

Being born under the sign of Aquarius has always been 
something I'm really fond of. 
We're an eccentric set of rebellious geniuses and so 
it's no surprise to read my daily horoscope and discover I'm about
to either save, or destroy, the universe on any given day.

There is no middle ground with us water lovers!!! 

Here are some famous Aquarius... 
Abe Lincoln... (born on my birthday in fact)(a long time before me)
(a very, very long time before me)
Jennifer Aniston (same age as me but looks a tad older!)
Christian Dior (but of course!)
Placido Domingo... (figures)
Wolfgang Motzart (as if there we any doubt that this fruit loop
would be an Aquarian)
Ronald Reagan (shared a birthday with my sis, also Aquarius,
a tad more successful that my sis) (and a tad older)
Babe Ruth, Zha Zha Gabor, James Dean, Gypsy Rose Lee, then there's
Charles Darwin (also born on my birthday, see)
Sonny Bono, Charles M. Scwab and finally
my boyfriend John Hottie Travolta.

See where I'm going with this, we all have that star quality, 
intelligence and notable leadership skills. It's a wonder
we don't rule the world and the rest of you just bow 
to our superior quirkiness. 

Getting back to the root of this post... today's horoscope.. 
New and different activities are more tempting because you are seeking escape from the drudgery of your routine. The Moon joins your rebellious planet Uranus today, so you are eager to go over the edge. If you hold back, you'll later wish that you had the courage to relinquish control. But if you give in to your whims, you might wish that you hadn't. Accept your decision as the best one you could make for now.

WTF???? did that tell me anything new??? 
How do I plan my day around this advice?? if indeed it is
advice?? Looks like a bunch o' wish wash, sittin' on the 
fence kinda nonsense to me.
You cannot tell an Aquarius to make their own decisions on 
such polar extremes, we are bipolar by nature but at the 
same time can't make a decision to save our damn lives. 
This has left me bouncing off the walls like a wind up toy in 
a freakin' glass box. 
Thanks Nick Levine. 


Brian Miller said...

i am a Leo...though i havent read the horrorscopes in years....used to laugh at them...

otin said...

You don't really believe in astrology, do you? LOl

I could write horroscopes. It would actually make a great post!!!

Anonymous said...

oh god, watch out - the moon is joining uranus!

Barb said...

I often take a peek at my horoscope since it's on the same page as the crossword puzzle in the paper. (I have to do the puzzle. Both Bambi and that Outrageous Older Woman always do the puzzle!).
Happy Day!

molly said...

i love astrology.
i think it's so funny when i look at a blogger's profile, i actually like to know what their sign is!
and yes, reading a horoscope can really throw you for a loop.

Char said...

:) i was married to an aquarius and he was maddening. but that could have just been because he was a giant AH. LOL

i'm a cancer.

Anonymous said...

Axl Rose is an aquarius too. :o)

I'm a Cancer.

Tracie said...

I'm a Sagitarrius. I used to be into horoscopes and astrology. Now I never pay attention to them.