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Monday, July 12, 2010

How to survive the summer.

Are you at home with your kids for the summer? Wondering what to do with them? running out of crafts, excursions and songs to sing? Me too... what the heck are we to do in order to maintain some kind of sanity.
Send them to Grandparents? pack them off to camp? week with Aunt Kim??????

For the love of God, here's my plea.... a blog kid exchange.  I'll send you my little darlings for a few days and you send me yours. They are adorable I promise, the other day we were at the beauty salon and Ash was in the waiting room just talking away to an old man in there. When I came out he asked me for $200, 000 hush money cos she just told him all our family secrets. She has the blogger gene but it's in her mouth!!!!!

Now.... the deal is... they come as a package, you have to be able to accommodate both the girls, they're no good separated. Although three years, one month, one day and four hours apart they behave kinda like twins. They are like peanut butter and jelly, Torville and Deane, hearts and flowers, Ron and Hermaine, you get the picture. They can fight like a couple of Real Housewives but if you separate them, well it's the saddest sight you've ever witnessed, Love Story and Kramer vs Kramer has nothing on these two. I know, I know there are those of you out there too young to have seen these movies but believe me they are classics... get them on Netflix. You won't regret it.

I don't really know how popular it is today, especially with some many creeps out there but when I was about Syd's age, 9, we had a foreign exchange student come and stay with us. She was French and I remember her name was Pascal, I looked at her like an alien. She spoke very little English and only stayed a couple of days, probably cos our family was a nightmare. Anyhoodles... when I was eighteen I stayed with a host family in Denmark when I was on tour with a local youth choir. It was fun, except when they spoke Danish around the dinner table and I just knew they were talking about me!!!! They were all really tall, like over six feet easily, man was that intimidating for a short ass Brit like me.

So, we may not be ready to do it now but come one day... lets swap kids and blog about it.Those without kids are now horrified I'd bring up such a scheme... those with kids are like.. hell  yeah!!!!
Bear in mind though that my youngest is addicted to "as seen on TV ads". I had a stain on something the other day and she told me that I really need Oxyclean with Stain Fighters, so please make sure you have some in when she comes to stay. She may also point to any chubby parts you may have calling them cute or even show you a dance or two that probably belongs on a Nelly music vid, seriously i have no idea where she gets this crap.

All applications to my email please, vetting will be tougher than America's Got Talent so you better make a good case for the exchange. Good Luck!!!!!!!


Brian Miller said...

ha. love the silly pics...we already exchanged our with gramma for tonight...sorry. smiles.

Megan said...

i'm gonna have to pass on the exchange. i only have one kid so i feel like i would probably be getting the short stick on this whole exhange thing. nice try though.

Conny said...

Well, wait a minute here: I only have one ... would that be a "fair" swap?? Hmmm. 'have to think on that one. He's 6-1/2, all boy, and very active - the run you ragged type. Okay. Deal. (Oh, and he's also full of As Seen On TV advice - as in, those hangars that fold down to make more storage room in your closets.)

During the summers, my brother and I would ALWAYS be split up - we never came as a pair. I wonder who was perceived to be the bigger trouble - him or me??

Your girls are probably loads of fun to be with - take them to a hotel pool and put your feet up, I say.

Another great post! Cheers ~

Erin said...

I'm in like Flinn. Or whatever. Only mine really are twins and they are 4 1/2.

When would you like to exchange?

p.s. you may still have to assist with some butt-wiping.

Crystal Escobar said...

haha, I love it! Lets do it :)
Hey, I'm new to your blog and thought I'd say hi. You've got a fun way of writing. I really enjoy it. I'm following you now. I look forward to getting to know you better via blogging.

Mighty M said...

I'm in! Can I send my pets too? :)