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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tic Tac Toe....or naughts and crosses.

Have you ever thought how much life is like a game of tic tac toe.
We call it naughts and crosses in England, seems more of a practical 
name for it really.... anyhoo.... the point is we're journeying 
through our stay on earth playing on big game of strategy 
after another. 

There's the whole boy meets girl thing, or girl meets girl, or boy meets
boy, what ever shakes your tail feathers.
In my day there were the "rules"; you know, you could only call after
 so many days, not seem too 
keen etc... his move, your move, three in a row and 
you win....or not! 

Then there's the buying a home thing, you put in an offer, 
they counter offer, your move, their move and so it goes
on until someone gets the winning combo or not. 
There are times in the home buying game of tic tac toe
when you could easily wipe the board clean and 
stomp off like a three year old. 

Getting a job or negotiating a contract, all his move, your 
move, what's the other player gonna do next, can you 
predict their plan of attack. Is it better to start on the 
outside or gain a good stronghold in the middle..... 
there isn't always a winner... oftentimes it's a stalemate 
and you'll have to begin again from a clean slate.

So my bloggy friends, what kinda tic tac toe games are 
you playing right now? and are you winning?


Brian Miller said...

final a job...only no one wants to play...smiles.

Brian Miller said...


McGillicutty said...

hopefully when they find what a great player you are they'll recognize it and it will have been worth the wait! hang in there .... xx

Char said...

life is a series of negotiations for sure. i wish you luck as you plan your moves and advance to better situations with the job.

beth said...

oh sweetie....the best of luck to you !

Stacey said...

I'm playing cat and mouse with my silly back! Yes, I have been flat on my back with terrible hurts for the last three days... Ugh!