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Friday, July 30, 2010

What's been keeping me busy???

Why my crazy, messy kids of course!!!! 

Raise you're hands if you've been down this road?
Gingerly stepping into an incredibly overwhelming part of your house that
you once lovingly painted and decorated; you think this was once a room you
recognized and you're sure that it is on the blue print although now it seems
as if it has just appeared there from the depths of messy hell.
An evil addition slowly morphed itself into the home whilst I was not
particularly paying close attention... well not looking at all really.

I am the mother of two girls, two adorable angels who once used to 
keep all their precious belongings just so... who would pride themselves in 
their folding abilities and help with the organizing of closets. 
Where did those adorable creatures go????

Someone took them... and changed them into SUPERSLOBS!!!! 
Who committed this outrage? I demand an apology, nay, better than that,
I demand seven hours of my life back. Seven hours i could have been 
having a pedi, or reading a book, or taking pretty pics instead of 
toiling tirelessly to reclaim my real estate and make it all good again. 
There's nothing under the beds now... giddy... there's no strange smells
coming from the corners of the closets... giddier... and there are four or
five huge black garbage bags full of nasties to go to the DUMP....
GIDDY HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When it was all over we sat on the floor (which was now visible) in a triangle,
 with lighted candles around us
 and solemnly made a pact (Travelling Pants style)
to never, ever, ever go down that filthy rotten road again;
promises were made and mercy was generously granted on the 
perps. I think the Halloween music CD in the background helped
in scaring the bejesus outta them!!! 
Scared Tidy. 
Bwaa haaa haaaaa haaaaaaa!!!!!


Shannon Tucker Photography said...

My mom used to pay me to keep my room clean.....sad, huh?


otin said...

Why is it always assumed that women are the neat ones? I have seen some girls bedrooms that are beyond disasters! I get upset if my bed is not made!

Brian Miller said...

figure if it gets messy enough they may get lost and cean their way green room!

blueviolet said...

That's a nice load of stuff to get rid of! I love cleaning house like that.

Bossy Betty said...

Hope the neatness continues! Thanks for becoming a follower!

Char said...

LOL scared tidy!! you crack me up

tori said...

it never lasts in our house! I've given up!