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Thursday, July 15, 2010

And the Winner Is....

Yeah...  you thought I had forgotten didn't you!!!!!! 
nope, just been a little distracted that's all. 

Last week I offered a cute as can be 
Inner Rambling coffee mug as a giveaway and a 
few lovely people commented on my post. 

The winner is 
STACEY.... of The Brown's Zoo Tales

Let me tell you about Stacey; She is a very busy outdoorsie 
type person with a heart of gold. She and I have been 
following each other for a long time now. We're pretty much at 
opposite ends of the spectrum and other sides of the country 
which is why a love her blog so much. Please go check her out. 

here's what you won....
 yes this one is yours.

and this one is mine!!
Cute huh? Thanks Stacey for your support... mwuuaahhh!!! 


Unknown said...

I'd like to thank the bloggy world for producing such wonderous and generous friends! Thanks Allie! Kisses back! (hee hee! My word verification word is "Shmarks!" - That's AWESOME!)

Char said...

yay! congrats

Mike said...

HEY!!!! You didn't tell me that you were givin shit away! lol