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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CV... Saturday ... with a little Wednesday Rant N Rave

Today's Corner View theme is Saturday.... 
I'm sucking at thinking of things to photograph depicting my 
average Saturday, I guess cos I don't have an average Saturday.

I sometimes clean house.. boring... 
or grocery shop... booooorriingggggg.... 
sometimes we have weekend trips.. yay.... 
sometimes there are birthday parties to attend
or swimming or fishing... just depends.

Here's what I used to love doing on Saturdays....
Walking around my home town of Salisbury... nothing like being out on a Saturday!!!! 
Check out the other CVers.... they are way more interesting.

and now for a little Rant and Rave!!!! 
Brought to you each Wed by the Lovely with capital L....

Rant.... we're being watched all the time, every minute of the day
all in the name of greed, big fat hungry profit seekers are monitoring our
daily moves and then pouncing thinking that we don't know what's going on.
If you're from a large monthly book club and I once ordered a children's book 
from you a million years ago when Syd was three... YOU ARE NOT 
MISSING ME!!!!  You miss my money. You never met me and you 
sure as hell didn't buy me a drink or get to know me... stop sending me shit 
in the mail telling me you miss me and want me back. I'm going to file a 
law suit soon because you're quite frankly stalking me. 
Same goes for you... shitty, cheap shoe shop I will purchase stuff from 
in a pinch... we never dated!!!!!!!!!!!

Rave...  my sweet darling hubs is being especially nice to me lately
and it's making me very happy. We're approaching our thirteenth year of
wedded bliss and I think we're happier than we have ever been. 
That's all. 

Rant...... it's just a little toooo hot this summer, everyone gripes about it
and people get testy. I wish it was Spring all year round. We look forward to the 
summer but honestly it's a bit of a bitch. I love to sit on the patio and listen 
to the birds, enjoy an adult beverage and relax. However, when you're out 
there scorching your bare feet on the ground and on the metal table it's 
no fun, or when beads of sweat, nay torrents of sweat pour into your
drink it's downright disgusting..

Rave......  I recently ventured out and got really crazy... I tasted some of 
his gorgousness's Sam Adams Light, (I know). Well.. I always figured 
somehow that it looked like it was for men. Now I come to think of it, most
beers look like they are for men. I'm of the opinion that if Sam rethought
his labels and made them prettier he'd sell more beer. It's totally wonderfully
delish... go try it ladies. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what Sam can 
do for you!!! 

Rant.... I have totally lost one of my closest and most beloved friends to 
T-Ball. I love to hang with her and her family but she's been on the road 
prepping her son to be the next big Ball Star!! Which is great and I applaud their
tenacity but seriously... when can I see you again my lovely friend????
I know she sometimes reads my blog so hopefully she'll see this 
heartfelt plea....Dear Friend... ditch the kid, hire a surrogate Mama to 
scream from behind the dugout, and come play for an evening.. let's have
some seriously strong 'ritas at the stinky Mexican downtown.
I know some cops who will taxi us home at three in the morning for free!!! 

I think that's all for now. Share the love dear readers, check out Jane and 
Little Miss... see what's going on out there in BlogLand.

{{{{{ hugs }}}}}


Brian Miller said...

i like those kinda sundays...and sam adams...mmm....

we are being watched...kinda scary you know...and true...

glad to hear you and hubby are doing good. always love to hear that. 13, nice.

Conny said...

Yeah, those are typical Saturdays for us too - sort of difficult to capture exciting photos for that one. L.o.v.e. the Rants and Raves!! Make my "cold one" a Newcastle on tap. Yumm.

Tracie said...

I'm not much of a beer drinker but my husband likes Sam Adams, too. It's really, really hot here, too. We're miserable.

Char said...

i'm not a beer drinker but i love me a vodka and something.

hope the week gets better