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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Corner View... Favorite Dish. (I'm cheating)

This weeks Corner View theme is favorite dish, you can post a pic of what you like to eat, or a dish you like to eat from or serve from, I guess a soap dish if you want to.

Well, in true McGilly style, I'm stretching this one to suit myself, but I think you'll enjoy it anyway.

Last Saturday I volunteered to go to Mule Day in Calvary GA to sell cookbook for the Junior Service League, that's where the link ends... dish... cookbooks... get it???? I had been told this was some kind of artsy crafty big kinda horse/mule show thingy and I'd be able to take the kids and make it a day out, and that they usually have about 60 thousand people there... ok... 60 thousand people are not flocking to South GA to look at mules... or are they????

We set out in what we thought was good time to make the trip, as we get closer to the Mule Grounds the traffic begins to slow down and then stop... people start walking past the truck in the direction of the "thing", we were still a good ways off. Surely to God we're not parking here and walking????? Hell no... hell yeah!!!

Then as we got closer to the "thing" it gradually opened out before my eyes and the only work to describe my feelings was GOBSMACKED!!!!! What in the wide wide world of Sports do we have here???? The annual coming out of every country boy and girl on the planet.... and we had to find our little booth, among ten thousand booths... of course we couldn't call the our girl because we were in the BOONIES and there's no cell phone reception!!!!!!!!!!

Lookie here, if you can make this out you'll see that the tents go on for miles way over the horizon... and after the tents are the mules (apparently) I certainly didn't make it that far.

OK here's the lady with the Shih Tzu in the stroller... nice.... there were lots of shih tzu's there... hmmm must rethink my love of shitties... they're apparently all too popular with people who turn out for Mule Day.

OK we found the booth and here we are, my good friends and I fearlessly rockin' the Mule Day and selling the crap out of some cook books... as you can see matching shirts and sunglasses were the disguise of the day, didn't want anyone to recognize us... my shirt was red but still has the JSL logo on it.. you just can't see it in this pic!!! not that that matters... just sayin'.. I wasn't being a total rebel.

So to sum up... we drove a long way, we walked a long way, and then the kids rode a short way in circles...

Ashley is always dressed and ready for any occasion, she's a true Southern Belle.

Then we all held hands and went home to some super chili waiting for us in the crock pot... which again links back to my favorite dish!!!!!

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Enjoy your Wednesday!!!


otin said...

Still looks fun! That was a round a bout way of getting to chili! haha!

Elizabeth said...

This was a wonderful, creative Corner View. I grew up in Atlanta but have never heard of this fair. Thanks for sharing!

Joyce said...

Love the dish post, the dog photo (that is living to be carted around) and the last photo is pricelss.

McGillicutty said...

This just in... I made chili tonight for a chili cook off at Church and came in second place!!! YAY ME!!!!!

jane said...

i´m sure the three of you had a blast... p.s. i usually end up going in circles too...:) besos!