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Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Hour Friday.....

Hello.... it's Friday again all ready!!!!!
Time to join in with Otin and Bambi and declare what it is this week that's making us Happy!

It's Friday... nuff said.

It's almost Thanksgiving, next week I will only work a total of
2.5 days!!! I love my job but when I don't have to get up
in the morning that makes me happy.

My job makes me very happy, this week has been kinda weird, we've
all had things to share this week and it's total group therapy.
I trust and love the people I work with and when things are
not going right, I walk into to work and unload, and it's all
better again. It's like a security blanket!!!!!

Of course my hilarious little girls have made me very, very happy this
week.  Syd is in the Spelling Bee at school next week and is so happy.
Ash is excited because they both will be in the Christmas Parade
and have sparkley costumes, she's beside herself!!!  They tried
the costumes on last night; they posed and posed and posed
again. It makes me giggle to see them and remember what
it was like to be a little girl!!!!

We started painting the outside of the house three years ago... yes
you read that right... no misprint... three freakin' years ago.
Last weekend his gorgeousness got on the ladder and painted
a little more, it did make me happy, it's still not finished... like
I said he painted a "little" more... not a lot more... a little
more. But a little is better than none at all so it made
me a little bit happy. I'm gonna throw a freakin' party
when the thing is actually finished... but don't hold your breath.

OK that's it... oh one more teeny thing... the dishwasher was not full
this morning... Woo Hoo... I just put the dishes that were in the
sink in ... and turned it on!!! (now why couldn't you know who have done
that last night?)... not gonna even go there 'cos I'm happy!!!!!!


iasa said...

A little painting progress is enough for me. I've gotten as far as choosing the colour to paint the house. Maybe next year we will buy the paint.

I'm sure the girls were fabulous in their sparkly costumes!

Sara said...

I can understand only painting a little at a time. I bought 7 cans of paint for the front living room. I'm half way done and I pretty sure that I'm going to run out of paint.

I'm his admirer right now because he knows when to stop killing himself. :)

Do we get pics of the girls in their costumes?

rxBambi said...

I think we may have married the same man. We have 1/2 finished projects all over the house!
Ditto on the girls photos - I wanna see!
I love love love my pin :)

otin said...

Gotta love the short work week!

By the time you finish painting, it will need to be done again.

Also, send the kids over to help me with my spelling!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I want to work where you do! That sounds very nice!
Happy weekend!


B said...

Little by little, you'll get there one day! :)
Tell us about Thanksgiving from a British perspective! I'm very curious!

McGillicutty said...

B... maybe I should do a post on it next week when I have all that time off. It's quite a unique holiday and from a Brit prospective it's really a nonstarter 'cos the Brits hate to be thankful for anything! LOL.

Stacey said...

yeah Happy Ali! Good to be back reading... As for the unfinished house - Hate to bring it up, but do you realize by the time he is done, he will need to start again? (Glad I'm in Colorado... A little far for you to lob something at me!)

McGillicutty said...

Stacey..yes... apparently it's already time to start again.. he told me the paint doesn't match!!!!