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Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Culinary Delights....

OK I know I'm no where near Martha Stewart (for my american readers) or Nigella Lawson (European readers) (if you live anywhere else, insert name of famous entertaining guru)'s me getting all big headed like I have readers from all over the world!!!! I digress... as usual.

Anyway, I had fun making all the stuff for Thanksgiving the other day and for about the millionth time Syd asked me if I like cooking... and for the millionth time I answered... "sometimes" and then again for the millionth time she said " you always say that!".  I got to thinking about it and I love to get a new recipe, something delish for a special occasion perhaps, something that's not an everyday mundane boil in the bag type stuff. Here in the South there is good food to be found everywhere you look!! And the recipes are fairly easy but mindbogglingly tastey!

So why do I feel like I have no imagination in the kitchen and I hate to be the daily cook for the family. I wish someone would just give me a weekly menu, I have no creativity in the food department and therefore I don't think we're getting a balanced diet like we should.  My kids are extremely picky eaters which probably is a chicken and egg situation.....did I make them picky 'cos I didn't offer a huge variety or am I feeling stifled because they are so picky???? Either way, there's always a niggling little voice in my head, "what's for dinner, what the heck, can't think of anything different, no imagination, what is good, what's balanced, what will they eat today?????"  Agghhhhhh so maybe if it was Thanksgiving every day I could come up with some good eatin' and we'd all be happy.

I make the turkey in the crock pot, so easy and yet so delicious... I bought a ham and just warmed it in the oven for a couple of hours, mashed potatoes,veggies, cornbread, stuffing (Sydney loved it, btw!!!) and all topped off with Turkey gravy...   we had Apple and Cranberry Pie with Cool Whip for desert. If we'd have had company I would have made a green bean casserole, crunchy spinach casserole and some sweet potatoes but we didn't, so I didn't!!!!

As is the tradition in the blogosphere I took some pictures of my creations and of the girls having a little Thanksgiving toast to share with all my lovely friends out there.  Now it's all behind us and we're back to the hot dogs and mac 'n cheese we're used to!!!!! Bon Apetit Y'all!!!!!

Corn bread muffins..... don't get no easier than this!!!

Apple and Cranberry Pie... I know you're mouth is just a waterin' lookin' at this!!!

They like to have wine glasses when we have a formal dinner, and they always do a Cheers!!!!!


Mike said...

mmmm! PIE!!!!

Looks like you are pretty culinary to me!

tori said...

My biggest pet peeve-when I cook and no one eats! I have a house full of picky eaters, even the hubby! ugh!

rxBambi said...

Looks like a wonderful meal to me. I tend to feel the same way in the kitchen, and it pisses me off when people don't eat. Picky eaters piss me off too, luckily my 2 aren't too bad. And with hubby all I have to do is put hot sauce on the table and he'll eat anything. :P