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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Very British Thanksgiving.....

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!! 
B at Cuttingsonablog asked me to describe Thanksgiving from
a British perspective.  Urgghhh what to say??

It all started a million years ago when the Pilgrims came to America
and they survived the first year with the help of the Indians... then 
at harvest time they all got together and had a yummy 
celebration dinner. 
The tradition continued and each year on a Thursday
in November (either the third or the last or something) we
all get together and give thanks for the superness of 
living this charming American Dream.

I find it hilarious that it was started by the pilgrims... when in the 
heck did the Brits ever give thanks for anything? We just
tend to take it all for granted and expect that we should
have a wonderful life, I mean, puleaseee... we deserve it
right??? We're part of the greatest Empire on Earth! 

These days it's all about the food, yes, delicious, fantastic, once (actually twice) 
a year goodies... turkey, sweet tators, pies beyond all pies and the best
veggies ever!!! Not to mention Grannies Banana Pudding!!! 

Then on the day after Thanksgiving the stores slash their prices and people
everywhere get up at the butt crack of the middle of the night and 
head out to the stores. 
Its HELL ON EARTH!!! they are out there throwing elbows and 
following intricate blue prints of the store to get to that coveted
item they have seen in the sale paper!!! 
I am a bargain hunter, don't get me wrong but I have never, never, 
done the Black Friday shopping thing in all the 12 years
I have been here. It's just not cricket!!!! 

This year we are staying at home, we're not headed to the "family 
shin dig" and they are not headed to us. It just worked out that
way.... so the McGillies are eating, playing Wii, watching movies 
and chillaxing.... that's how we do it!!! 

Here's a sample of the menu....

Turkey breast cooking in the crock pot with a secret marinade...

Sausage balls... a little too big but delish all the same....

Yummm mixture for the Pumpkin bread...

The pumpkin bread baking nicely in the oven..just for the record, it's now done and
actually rose quite nicely... can't be bothered to go and take another pic.

So that about wraps it up, one day a year set aside to
eat a big dinner, tell people what you're thankful for and
let the kids dress up as Indians or Pilgrims and make
little turkeys by drawing around their hands and coloring
the fingers...Marvelous!!!


Mike said...

MMMM! Nanner Puddin!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!xxxooo

Mari Mansourian said...

happy thanksgiving my dear friend, the food looks soooo good, looking forward to feasting tonight... diet-shmiet :))

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I want some sausage balls. They look similar to my stuffed mushrooms. Bummer, the mushrooms didn't make the budget, I mean menu this year. ;)
Have some for me too!!

Happy Day!!


Brian Miller said...

i'll take seconds! hope you are having a great thanksgiving!

DeniseinVA said...

Hello there, so nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed visiting yours. Happy Thanksgiving! I just woke up from a very long nap after our meal. I'm still zonked so if I don't make sense you'll know why. Tips on taking your citizenship? First of all I'm proud of you for not taking as long as I did for even thinking about it ;) I was fortunate to know several Brits who had already taken theirs and they just kept telling me it was easy. Didn't stop me from worrying about it and I threw myself into the 100 questions and had them all pretty down pat when I took my test. I was shocked when the man said I had passed and I was actually able to swear in the same day. It was a pretty whirlwind day for me and very memorable. I am sure yours will be too.

McGillicutty said...

Otin, you have no idea.. it's the very best evah!!!!
btw forgot to mention that I use this holiday as yet another excuse to drink wine all day!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

I don't know about you but I ate much! My butt is going to be dragging the ground if I don't get to the gym.

tori said...

I'd love to hear you say happy Thanksgiving ya'll in your British Accent! have a great day!

rxBambi said...

sausage balls and banana pudding on thanksgiving?? You are a british freak.

Okay before everyone gets all up in my face, tell them that we are BFFs and the whole reason why I luv you so much is because of the fact that you are a british freak. well, just a brit anyway. Or maybe just a freak. Hell I don't know. I just do is all.

Soo... BC Georgia??

jane said...

yeah that pretty much sums it up. enjoy your leftovers!

McGillicutty said... are the freak!!!! Have you never been in the South.. I bet everyone i know has sausage balls and Nanner pud for Thanksgiving!!! What else is there????

Liz said...

Wow - all looks FABULOUS!!! HOpe you all had a great time....
Liz x

Unknown said...

Well the food looks great! Black Friday, on the other hand, sounds awful! It all sounds like an extra Christmas day to me! I'm all for it! :)
Thanks for explaining it to me!