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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Florida Caverns..... what a fantastic day out!!!!

The McGillies recently wandered off the beaten path and underground... we were real live spelunkers for the day. We took a trip to the Florida Caverns, near Marrietta, FL... somewhere in the panhandle for those of you not familiar.

This was a true test of my nerves of steel, not only are there some tiny little passages to squeeze through, it's dark and there are bats and moths!!!! We didn't see any, thankfully, but they were there.... the guide said so.
We were surrounded by magnificent colors and formations, there are a number of "rooms", each one having a different name depending on what the rocks look like.  There's the wedding cake room and the small room... you get the picture.  The guide kinda reminded me of that weird guy in the movie Office Space who keeps getting moved further and further away until he's in the basement. Just sayin'. Ash kinda ran rings around the guy, I am not sure if he's ever encountered such a precocious five year old.

I managed to get some shots down there but you'd have to be a bit of a pro to get something really good. It was so hard to do without the flash and it was a fast moving, no bullshit kind of a tour, I was the only one with a camera so it was a bit like they were all waiting on me.... which is fine in my book but you know... one must be reasonable... right?

It's like being in another world down there, just different, quiet, clean and beautiful.

This looks like a tooth, kinda sorta, and I had to take three hundred shots to get that one drip.

So after a fun packed tour of the caves we ran around the trails a little looking at trees, rocks and
all things nature. It was a perfect afternoon and the best thing of all was when Syd told me
how lucky we are!  She's so right!

Finally it was time to hop back into the truck and let the full moon guide us home safely to bed!


Optimistic Pessimist said...

Looked like lots of fun! I have a similar kind of cave near me and I LOVE going there!

Indiri Wood said...

Ooh, fun! Yeah for family adventures.

Mike said...

Holy stalagmites! Batman! LOL! Looks like fun!!!

likeschocolate said...

Thanks for sharing!

jane said...

that looks amazing. and isn´t it a great feeling when your kids appreciate those things... how´s the turkey coming? besos!

beth said...

do you live in florida ?
we visit seaside and santa rosa beach, also in the panhandle and love it there so much !

and that !

we have one near us that I visited years ago and haven't been back and now you've inspired me to go.

happy thanksgiving to you and your family....

rxBambi said...

I love that tooth picture! Very cool. be sure you flickr that sucker.
OMG and MOTHS!! LMAO I forgot all about your TOTALLY IRRATIONAL FEAR OF MOTHS!!! You are so freaking funny. That's why I love you my dear!