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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things that make you go Hmmmmm

Look...look carefully...what do you see???
dirt?? yes dirt....but in what form??
in the form of freakin' paw prints that's freakin'
Who in the heck has dogs that trot all around
the coffee table??? me that's who!!!!!
suggestions on how to control this beast, please!!

This is a card that was given to me by my good friend K. She's a nut
and reads my blog, but hates it when I use the effin' eff word.
K. is hilarious, she should blog!!!!
Yesterday she was driving her big ole van which she cannot
drive, she's always dinging it... and she turned a hair pin
bend only to find that the van was filling with a strange white
smoke.. she's panicking thinking it's about to blow up when
she realized that the fire extinguisher had rolled under the front
seat and set off when she turned the bend!!!!
Yes my friends that's the kind of daily occurrence that keeps
Ms. K. on her toes!!!!

I may well turn the above into an award and call it the
K. award in her honor!!!



Barb said...

Me first again! My "regular" dogs don't walk on the coffee table, but Shelby (the new foster) doesn't have any house manners. She has walked on the coffee table, the end tables, put her feet on the counter. And she pooped on my bed. UGH

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Hey dogs...BUSTED! They no doubt read your blog and will wear socks next time.

rxBambi said...

That card is too funny and it's how I feel most days! At least your dogs are small enough to walk on the coffee table. I think Fat Jenny would break it if she tried!
Hey I got your card and gift yesterday! I love it!!!

Trooper Thorn said...

I guess you don't have Great Danes.

tori said...

my dog chewed a hole in the wall a couple days ago. we are starting obiedence class obviously I have no suggestions.

Lindsay Thompson said...

We use shock collars. YEP! And it works. :-)

Mari Mansourian said...

i love the award idea, it's a great card, and what happened to what are the odds :)
maybe you should have your dog do the dusting in the house, maybe he wont leave his prints all over next time (hehehe)

Allison said...

In a funny way this reminds me of a story that I had heard: There was an elderly lady that had purchased her groceries at the same "mom & pop" store she always went to. The bag boy that had helped her carry her groceries to the car was a little worried when he saw her car siting there some time after he had first helped her. Concerned, he went to check on her only to find her slumped over the steering wheel... she told him she had been shot in the head and she could feel that her brains were coming out. Turns out the loud "bang" that she had heard and the "brains" that she thought were coming out, was only a can of Pilsbury biscuits that had exploded and hit her in the head because of the heat.

But I have to admit... those biscuits are so American, but so yummy!

KarenSmith said...

LMAO!!! I forgot that you blogged about my card and car incidents...
And my car dents, too!
That was a huge surprise and scary, too. But, alas I have survived to do more crazy antics, just so you don't ever run out of material for your blog..(Ashley and I can compete for the press!)

Your friend(my favorite f word!)K