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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The absolute joys of parenting girls... part II

A few weeks ago now you may remember I blogged about taking the girls and having
their ears pierced... you can check that out HERE

Well it's gradually getting near the time for them to change out their
earrings... all has gone well... a little bit of the yukky stuff you get sometimes
when you poke holes in your body... but otherwise all is well.

So I was thinking the other day how it's funny that when you're young
and you have your ears pierced, you sometimes have all these problems
with the kind of earrings you can or cannot wear, and other earrings
make your ears red and itchy... seemed to me like that
hadn't happened in years and I guessed when you're as old
as me you just grow out of it.

And now here it is... my freakin' ears are irritated as all get out!!!!
And I'm the kinda chick who does NOT go without my earrings, no ma'am...
will not be seen in public sans attachments.

So what's the deal? Why is this happening now? I can't remember wearing
any that are particularly nasty, I don't rush out and buy just gold
or allergy free or whatever, I have always been able to wear
any old junk that's the current high fashion!!!

I am thinking it's a sign, it's my ears telling me that the little girls ears
are not ready to be introduced to the danglies they are dying to wear!!!
So I'm heeding this sign and watching their precious lobes closely over
the next couple of weeks before we venture out into the big world
of Peace signs and iCarly earrings that they've had their eye on!!!

If anyone out there has some tips on keeping their precious little ears glup free please
don't hesitate to add a comment... 'preciate it.


otin said...

I actually had an earring when I was about 23. I had a tiny skeleton that I kept in my left ear! Sorry, there are no pictures! haha!

McGillicutty said...

that's kinda weird don't you think? a skeleton in your ear instead of your closet?

The Peach Tart said...

Gosh I hadn't even thought of it but I haven't had an ear irritation in 20 years. I'm gonna go knock on wood now.

The Bumbles said...

Swabbing with rubbing alcohol was all I ever was told to do. My mom to this day can't wear anything but real gold posts (I know, a real shame huh?!) but after keeping those initial posts in my ear, cleaning those new holes with rubbing alch. and scrubbing the posts with it as well, my ears were able to withstand any old junk I stuck in there.

Lindsay said...

My mom used to have the same problem...could only wear earrings with gold posts. UNTIL she discovered a protectant in the jewelry section. It looks like clear nail polish, but you paint it on the metal that will touch your lobe (post and back of earring) and you won't have the irritation!! You have to reapply every now and then, but it works!!

McGillicutty said...

Well if it only happens ever twenty years or so I'm good until retirement I think. If this pops up again then I will deffo check out the stuff Lins' Mom got. Thanks y'all!!!

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