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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Got Wood????? Part Deux.

Regular Ramblers will know that I recently did a post HERE which included some pictures of wood that I had taken when I was at Blog Camp Reno.... well who knew... here we are again.... there's something about wood that speaks to me!!!

When I was a kid we lived in a pretty rural spot, there were "the woods" you could take a walk through or there was another place we called "the den" which really was another version of the woods??? I don't know what the difference is between the woods and a forest but I know I most probably love them both. I love the sounds, wind blowing through the trees, birds chirping happily, the little scurries that could be a fox or a monster.....and the peace and tranquility.

Now I'm all growed up and still have a love affair going on with the woods... the textures and the
light, the feeling you get when you take a fab picture of a felled tree or a log on the ground.

I take pictures of wood because it all seems so alive to me, even when the tree is gone and you're
left with a splintered stump, it's beauty you just can't comprehend, something created
by a much higher power, put here for us to behold!!!!

Then there are roots, a system of feelers sent out by the tree to find nourishment and stability. This particular
picture is of the roots of the tallest Elm in Florida, the thing is ginormous. Trees put us in
our place, they are tall, magnificent and elegant, they exist so that we might exist, they
are useful, beautiful and necessary.  I don't think I'm really a tree hugger... but maybe I could be!!!


Barb said...

Hey! I'm first! (I sound like Bambi). Love those pictures, especially the one of the roots. I always loved the woods. I wish I had more time to go there and to take the kids. Maybe I'll do that today! Happy Sunday.

otin said...

I love wood! I got some right now! hahahaha!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm surrounded by wood.
(We live in the trees...he he he!!)


otin said...

My wood is all gone!!!

(I burned it, what did you think that I meant?)

rxBambi said...

Why is Otie such a nutball? I love wood too, except in the fall when all the trees leaves fall in my back yard and in my pool. then it kinda pisses me off. Why don't the stinkin leaves stay in the woods with the wood?

McGillicutty said...

Otin... you are a total geek!!

GEM... you do not live in the trees!!!

Barb...of course you sound like Bamb you spend way too much time around her! I don't know that she's a good influence.

Bambi... who cares about the leaves, just get a little man to do it for you!!!

marinik said...

ditto...darlin... i grew up near the "woods" or was it a forest??? but i know just what you mean.. i love the smell of the woods...and yes i consider myself a tree huger :)

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