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Monday, November 2, 2009

Jules goes to Vegas.....

I was recently asked by Jules over at Just Jules to do a
guest post, I know!!! me...doing a guest post... like writing
something to be posted on
another blogger's Blog...
 I'm so flattered!!!


I feel all warm and fuzzy
I have seen these done on some of
the other blogs I consider to be much
better than mine.


Uh oh the pressure is on
what if my post sucks, what
if she doesn't like it..
what if her readers don't like it...


Go judge for yourself.. Jules is living it up
in Vegas this week so myself and some
other bloggers are holding the
fort while she's gone.
I love Jules, she's so down to earth
and real!! Hope I do her blog

Thanks Jules for the opportunity, have a blast in Vegas
and worry not, I got it!!!!


Barb said...

I think you're the perfect one to guest post!

Sarah Anne said...

Awesome pawsome, girl! Way to go!

Mike said...

I will go peek!!

McGillicutty said...

You better Mr Otin...