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Sunday, February 28, 2010

10 Things That Nurture Me....

Check out this beautiful post and blog for the origins of this Nurturing post... 

Water... i love water, drinking it, showering, swimming, I love to hear it crashing on the beach, 
i love to hear it trickling in fountains, i love reflections in water, rain drops and yes I'm 

My Family... coming from a totally dysfunctional group of related people, I am strongly 
aware that my actions have consequences that affect my immediate family and vice versa.
The girls and his gorgeousness nurture me every day, I love being a close family and 
playing, working and growing together. It's something that I don't take lightly.

Sunshine.. I'm a sunahollic, yes i know it's dangerous to be out there too long, I 
do use sunscreen (glob it all over the place) but I love the joy and exhilaration 
one gets from sunlight. I love sunny rooms, sunny decks, sunny beaches! 

Music, if music be the food of love play on.... 
I listen to it all the time, in the house, in the car...wherever I can. I am so in 
awe of song writers and composers... how in the heck do they make you
laugh, cry and feel just by writing a song? It's mindbogglingly wonderful!!! 

Laughter, i love to be with friends and just talk smack, it's the dry sense of 
British humor in me. I'm flippant and not very serious, take some time out
and laugh every day, you'll feel nurtured to the brim.

Travelling, I'm the kind o' person who'll pack a bag and go. I do 
prefer travelling alone just cos it's easier but road trips and 
vacays with the family are good too. I'm working on a list of places 
I need to see so that one day I can claim I'm "well traveled".

Photography, yes you knew it would be in there. Although I really don't think
i'm really that good I love to play with angles, light, reflections. I have always
loved taking pictures and when I was young I wanted to be a photojournalist
or something of that ilk.  When given the opportunity to go off and 
just click away I am happier than a happy person on a happy day.
Then seeing the results gives me an immense sense of accomplishment.

Organizing stuff... this is not an everyday thing... but believe me I love 
to have a place for everything and everything in it's war cry at
home is... well if you put it where it belongs you'd know where to find it! 

Clean sheets and shaved legs... ooohh so good... try it! 

Haircuts, pedicures, manicures, massages... anything that will make me 
feel renewed and beautiful. Don't you love it when your hair is soft
and swingy and you catch yourself in a mirror or shop window.
Or if someone else does your make up and you feel fabulous.. it's a real
spirit lifter... yep.. I need this!!!!! 

What's your list? Do you have ten things that nurture you? 


Brian Miller said...

clean sheets and shaved legs is now making my list as well. smiles.

Char said...

a beautiful list. photography and pedicures are definitely on my list too

rxBambi said...

I can't believe I didn't have spa days on my list! You are so right tho. Luckily I have one coming up on wednesday!!

Glad you wanted to play along. You have an awesome list!

♥ Braja said...

I'm waiting to see Brian's shaved legs and clean sheets list too :)) Nice one madam :)

.... said...

Love the lists!

Clean sheets & shaved legs is def my favorite because I totally get what you mean. lol

Best wishes for a great week,

Diane said...

Love your list! Mine will sound an awful lot like yours. In fact, I might have to steal this idea, as I've been struggling for blog fodder lately and this is a good one!

Theresa said...

Nice post. I have a long list! If you come to my blog you will see one of them!