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Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a fantastic weekend....

So, Valentine's weekend, my birthday weekend, snow in SW Georgia weekend, nice day on Sunday weekend.

Yep, in case you're wandering, I had a really freakin' good weekend. It all started on Friday when my kids were packed off to spend the night with good friends... their kids are the same age and all four girls get along so so well.  They went north an hour and spent the evening playing in this is the first real snow my kids have ever seen!!! Booo for me.. I wanted so badly to take them to the snowy mountains this winter and as it turns out, it didn't turn out. My friend K took pictures and no offense K (she reads my blog) unless they are absolutely freakin' perfect I'm gonna be pissed!!! (just kidding... i'm eternally grateful that you give a shit enough to drive all that way!!) (with five little girls) (in the freezin' cold).

Ash told me later that she'd played a Princess game with the girls, naturally Ash was the Princess and she asked her lady in waiting to "fetch me a latte".... wtf  I had no clue what a latte was when I was five!!!!

So, whilst they were experiencing their first snow, his gorgoeousness and I were having a romantic dinner at Ted's Montana Grill... YUM!!!! it was such a great night, I love that place and having dinner with the love of my life on my birthday was awesome!!! For those of you with young kids, fear not, there will come a day when you can leave them with a responsible adult and become a couple again.. without worry... just you and him...fine food, fun and lemon drops. YaY!!!

Saturday was a lazy day, just mundane stuff like cleaning, bloggin', watchin' tv... you know. Then in the evening we returned the favor and had the girls come over to our house while K and her hubby had a Valentine's night out. They had won a night out at the Y for attending a gazzillion work out classes together.. now that, my friends, is romance!!!!!

The kids had a ball decorating a birthday cake for me... delicious!!!!!!!!!

Much discussion about the number of candles and my age.... it just doesn't matter after you have more candles than fruit loops does it???  This was probably the best cake I ever had, other than the rude for my 21st... I'll post that another day!! hee hee.

Today was a mellow day, Ash finally discarded her training wheels on her bike! cool. His gorgeousness fixed the big computer in Syd's room, we relaxed; finally I found the key to Sunday perfection.... sandwiches for dinner!!!! easy, hardly any clean up, no anxious feelings about getting everything cleaned up before Monday!!! oh yeah... that's the way to go!!!!

How was your weekend... happy like mine I hope!!!!!!!


rxBambi said...

sounds like the perfect weekend to me :)

one of these days you'll be wondering where your kids are. Trust me it happens.

happy belated birthday. Your cake looks.... ummm.... yeah I'm not a big fruit loop fan. How about Kashi go lean crunch? LMAO!

just kidding it looks MAHVELOUS!

Brian Miller said...

sounds like you had a great weekend. love the cake! smiles.

Matty said...

A night without the kids. Heavenly.

I never saw a cake with Fruit Loops. What a concept.

We had a great weekend too.

jane said...

sounds great! and that cake- fabulous!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Fruit loop cake and no training wheels, wow! You DID have a full weekend! Mine was good, too! Hope your upcoming week is just as sweet!

McGillicutty said...

Thanks guys... the fruit loops were a bit of an error.. I saw a fabby cake online where they used bright neon icing and fruit KIX to decorate it.. it was gorgeous.. also they were dotted kinda evenly...
my kids decided to plonk great handfuls of fruit loops on the cake instead of arranging them nicely!
c'est la vie!!!! I'm not complaining.

Anonymous said...

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otin said...

It was really your Birthday?? Happy Birthday!!!! Glad you had a good weekend!!!!!!

suzyQ said...

Happy Birthday! thanks for visiting my page... your blog is so fun- I love it! the snow was great!