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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top Secret... but you can tell me!!!!!

Seems like all the blogs I follow religiously seem to resonate similar themes, either it's because I pick blogs that I can relate to and therefore are naturally similar; or it's because the universe tricks us into feeling the same way at the same time in order that we all get along....kind of.

There have been a couple of recurring themes of note lately, firstly the theme of friends..... girl friends in particular... not boyfriend and girlfriend but "girlfriends" "confidantes" "bff;s" and "biotches". Of course it makes one reflect on ones own personal relationships and the highs and lows we all experience when involved with people we like to call friends... how do we make friends? How do we keep lifelong friendships interesting and meaningful? How do we end those friendships that become toxic or even just bland and uninspiring?

There's so much ground to cover here and y'all would be sleeping on your keyboards if I went into every detail that pops up in my vast array of thoughts on the subject. Suffice to say it's complicated, I'm pretty much an instant judge of character which can sometimes lead to tricky situations.  I'm an open minded person and will give anyone a chance, sometimes I decide too soon that a person will be my BFF and therefore end up with the tricky breakup when I discover they are really shallow and crazy... or sometimes the opposite occurs and it takes a while but that person I was a little leery of becomes a BFF!!!! totally!!!!! I have a lot of friends that I still keep in touch with, if only via the internet and FB... I love that though.. we can still say Hi.. and I can let them know when I'll be in the area so we can get together for a knees up!!! That's what leads me to this post (as well as reading other meaningful posts on friends)... I am going home to England soon and have alerted the authorities dropped a note to some friends. It's AWESOME... they are ready and willing to have a couple o' lemonades and a little get together with me... yes... after all these years.. we just hop right back on the carousel as if no time at all had passed.

OK then, the second trend I am seeing over the blogosphere is secrets... yes dirty little secrets, hidden away in the depths of the minds of the writer.. this only brings me to one conclusion.. that I am one nosey freakin' biotch... I can't stand it!!!!  We all have secrets I am sure of that... but what is it that makes something a secret? Is it a fact that you may know which cannot be disclosed to anyone because of the ramifications... like someone may get fired or arrested or something... or is it just a little snippet of gossip that may cause a little embarrassment for a short while and therefore you don't want it getting out and tarnishing your reputation? Just spill already... I can honestly say there isn't one secret that I have learned that would actually ruin a person.. well almost... but it's not like I can do anything with the secrets I've learned???? I'm not a mastermind of blackmail or skulduggery!!! So I guess my point is... just tell me what the hell your secret is and I'll offer my advice... like dear Abby.... only it's Dear McGilly. I'll keep it to myself... not really.. but I will change names and circumstances so as not to cause red faces and ridiculous excuses.

If you have a problem with a friend or you have an embarrassing secret please feel free to email me or comment and i will most certainly offer a guaranteed answer to the problem... I'm old and wise... you will not be disappointed and if you are ... well who gives a shit, you didn't pay for my services. Come on... spill the beans.. you know you want to!!!!!!!!!
Stop Press... I have just been reminded that today is JT's Birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday John Travolta... I love you!!!!


Brian Miller said...

what secrets, i have no secrets...smiles.

Liz Mays said...

I'm an open book, a ridiculously open book! I am a great secret keeper for others though. But I just can't share their secrets now, can I?

McGillicutty said...

BV.. I am too.. it's terrible the things I'll share, I should have a TMI warning stamped on my head.

Lisa Anne said...

My blog doesn't fit either of those things. Probably because I have no BFF's to complain or Biotch about. LOL jk. I also have no dirty little secrets. Frankandbeans I'm boring.

Unknown said...

hmmm there are not many secrets here. I pretty much share all my dirty laundry on the blog. You know, make it public to millions. LOL

Mrs. M said...

No secrets here, but when I do I will share with you FIRST! :)

rxBambi said...

is this because I said I had a secret on tuesday??? You goofy girl. Get me some vino and maybe *maybe* I'll tell ya... But maybe not. Maybe it'll all come out at blogapalooza. And by all come out I do NOT mean that I am really a man. heeheehee.

shit I want to go hang out with your friends and biotches in merry old londontowne. dammit.

Grizzly Bear said...

LOL, I am the biggest nosey beotch out there too.. Omg that is why I luv ya LOL... I know I am like this is goood oh wow this is goodd.. damn ...... wow .. holy crap.... I love it!

The Bumbles said...

Lovely post - I have been struggling with my BFF lately - I have been avoiding her because I seem to be the only person she vents to. So therefore every time I see her she does nothing but complain. But tonight we had an awesome incredibly long conversation over the phone like old times and now I am psyched for an upcoming long weekend trip we have planned together with our families.

Friends are tough sometimes, but they are worth it. Online ones are easier - because we all keep our secrets and expose only what we want - but I love your candid style. I know I don't stop by enough to say that - but I enjoy your posts always ;0)