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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Hour Friday... on Saturday!

Thanks to my good friend RxBambi I am able to play along and do a Happy Hour post... I know it's late.. that's because I had a fabby post already planned for Friday and totally got distracted and forgot.. I know... about Happy Hour!!! For those of you reading who actually know me in real life will be astounded that I forgot a Happy Hour... never fear though... as I type I have a glass of red in hand and it's Friday afternoon, I'm just scheduling this for Saturday. Complicated isn't it!!!!!

So what made me happy this week???? Monday was great, we closed the office and all went home early.. yay! That's always good even though I do truly love my job and the people I work with, however, there's nothing like being able to go home and watch the Real Housewives of New York on Bravo. Hilarious, out of touch shit that makes you glad to be a "normal" person.

Then there was the Soccer Pictures on Tuesday.. what a freakin' debacle that is... I could just take them myself but I don't have the cheeseball backdrop of the rest of the team in front of the cheeseball backdrop!!!! I'm happy we did it 'cos it's something to bring out at the girls weddings or graduation or whatever public event we can!!!

I am happy that his gorgeousness went out of town one night this week... but why would that make me happy I hear you all cry in unison.... why, I reply... yes, McGilly, why??? you all cry again...because dear readers that was the night we had breakfast for dinner.. hee hee... and then I spent some time chatting online with a good friend and she was making me laugh so much I almost woke the girls!!!! good times!!!! I am happy he's home though and only stayed out one night... he's so good to have around.. I really like him!!!

I'm just happy in general, have done some serious soul searching today after a short period of unhappiness, then after the counseling of a very close and wonderful friend I am on the road to happiness again, I can't let it all get me down.  So here I am happy with my red wine and olives... yay!!!!!!!!

Now go check out the Bambs and other Happy Hour Lushes at the end of the bar... toodles!!!!

oops almost forgot one major factor in my happiness this week..... my new fisheye lens... way too much fun!!!!!! Thanks Syd for being such a sport... we laughed and laughed... go get you one!!!!


Anonymous said...

A happy, happy, happy post!! I read the word 'happy' so many times that it made me happy for you... I need me one of those lenses!!

Happy Friday / Saturday... whatever :)

Brian Miller said...

ha. some wonderful happiness there. love that pic at the end. gave me a big smile.

otin said...

Happy that the Hubby went out of town?? Does he know that? lol

Of course I read every comment even the ones way down there! Wouldn't you??

mama-face said...

Oh sweetness. Who is this friend? Could you share the advice?

ha. My guy was gone for just one night this week...I laughed out loud at your breakfast for dinner comment! Plus its the night for reading as late as you want. And not having to make the bed in the morning. Cuz apparently I don't move when I sleep. :)

I feel so much happier now. I wish you lived next door.

G-Zell said...

:) great post. I am totally cracking up at the pic , too cute!

Happy Saturday!

rxBambi said...

It's never too late to join up for happy hour, especially if it's a hhf with me!

Love the post, glad you are so stinking happy.

Great pic of Syd!

spudballoo said...

waaaaaaah fabulous, syd is such a good sport. I love that!!

I laughed at the breakfast for dinner confession, that's the sort of thing I do. I'm a bit, er, haphazard about nutrition.....ah well. xx

sinnlighet said...

Your blog is quite phenomenal beauty and sensuality!

Agneta, Sweden