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Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Hour Friday.....

If it's Friday at six twenty seven pm and I have a glass of red wine in one hand 
and my net book in the other with some peanuts in the other then it has to be... 
the three handed Happy Hour Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least I'm not totally late this week... that's something to be happy about! 

This has been the weirdest week for me... things have not really gone as planned in 
some areas every freakin' part or my life this week. There have been things said and done 
that left me thinking "really? wtf?" and stuff like that. However, I am very happy to
announce that I have conquered the crap and made it through and here I am 
 on Friday night without much consequence to all the jackassery.
I give Michel at Facts are Strictly Optional the credit for Jackassery... I heard 
it there and told her I was going to use it. I love it. 

I am happy that the three pounds I piled on in the week prior to this one have
miraculously removed themselves from my booty. Now they're hanging from my 
chins but I can comfortably wear my jeans... the good thing about multiple chins is that 
they never effect the way clothes look on you unless you're wearing a choker. I don't 
do chokers.
I'm not really happy about about my chins.

I am really happy that it's the weekend and since I cleaned house this morning, I was
able to come home to some assemblence of order and could sit down and 
relax in peace... that is until He came home and blasted the peace with 
Wheel of Fortune! grrr.. 

OK that's it, nothing else to report, you already know the rest and if you 
don't then just read some of my previous posts this week.
Now.. off you go to check out RxBambi and see what's tickling her
Hhf. Hee Hee. 


Matty said...

Weight is like dust. You just move it from one place to another.

rxBambi said...

awww no debbie downers at hhf! I'm happy about ur butt, but sad about ur chins. i dont ever notice so dont worry 'bout it. U are a fahbuhlous brit!!

Brian Miller said...

hey i thought it was happy hour...back to some peace! smiles.

hope you have a great weekend!

Mighty M said...

I had my happy hour last night two wine and a movie. So I guess it was more like 2 hours!

McGillicutty said...

Just reread the post and you're right it doesn't sound really happy does it? I am happy though, I'll have to try harder to actually convey my happiness in my writing!!!!
Hugs to all you commenters...please keep it up!!!
Might M. We watched Taken last night... good movie!!!