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Monday, February 15, 2010

Five Minute Fumble....

Oh for God's sake people, get your minds outta the gutter, this is not a post about me and Gorgeousness' Valentine Activities!!!!!!

I am short on time and long on bull crap to share so instead of doing my Randomonium post (which is actually well thought out and planned and not random at all) I am jotting down some thoughts in that need to be out there.  The reason they need to be out there is 'cos they're driving me crazy.

First... OK I know we don't have weather nearly as shitty as the rest of the country (nay World) but it's shitty none the less and we (we being me) are officially sick and damn tired of it.  Let's just get this winter behind us already, show me the sunshine, show me the light evenings, show me the freakin' TOES!!!!!!!!!!
Although snow really does make for some uber cute pictures of the kids!!!!! (thanks to my good friend K)

Next.. at last we're seeing some good stuff on TV.... The Amazing Race is back and there's a team called Steve and Allie.. although she spells it totally wrong I'm rootin' for them.... oh yeah!!!!!!  Also on Sunday nights on CBS there's a show about how CEO's go undercover... love it... love it... love it. I hope that every CEO in the country is watching this show. Especially mine.

I'm excited about a photography class I'm starting tomorrow night.. oh yeah... I'm gonna be paying close attention and learning a lot. At least I hope so... I'm so easily distracted.... like I'll be looking at the teacher wondering what he had for dinner.... or what his house looks like... stuff like that. I'm also excited because my loved ones have purchased some new lenses and stuff for my camera.... WHAT... yeah, that's right!!

The bestest, bestest, ever gift is a trip home to visit my peeps across the Pond!!!! Yeah... you heard me.. my in-laws are sending me home... now this can be interpreted a number of ways. It could be that they feel sorry for me being married to their son for so long and they feel I deserve a break for a few days. On the other hand maybe they think he is tired of my English ass and that HE needs a break from me for a few days. There is one school of thought that they're sending me home and secretly hoping that I'll be involved in a blogging for tickets scam and not be allowed back into the country. I do, however, in my heart of hearts, feel that they love me enough to know that I need a visit home and they know they have the means to help me out, for that I love them too.  Ahhhhh bless.
Did I mention I love travelling and especially love to snap pictures from the plane window... people think I'm weird.... and I don't give a crap...... 'cos I get some pretty neat pics... like this one.

What else... oh yeah... there's a blog out there that I came across today and want you to go and look at...  I always like people who have rambling in their name. She has a list of 45 things to do at 45... it's an awesome list.  I am too lazy to make a list of 41 things to do at 41 so I think people who do this are fantastic, motivated, incredible peeps and should be hailed by all!!!!

OK ... gotta go watch rednex on Cops... talk at y'all later.... c'mon back now ya hear!!!!


Brian Miller said...

lol. diane has a pretty amazing list huh. trip sounds cool. got another inch of snow today to freshen what is still there from the last time.

i am done..come on spring!

McGillicutty said... least if it's still fresh it's not so bad, it's when it'a all compacted and black from the roads it's real hell to live with.
ps. we were at a restaurant Fri night and the greeter was calling names for tables.. she called out " of two".. a guy walks up and said.. "yes I"m BRIAN!!!!". cuckoo!!!

Barb said...

The snow does make for great pics of kids, but I'm with you. Let's get on with Spring! Great about the trip. When are you going? Have a great time!

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday, hope you had a great Valentine's Day, too!

And I'm so excited you're starting a photography class---keep us posted!


Diane said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog the other day AND for the shout-out on yours today!! Much appreciated! Besides the whole 'rambling' thing, we have quite a bit in common, including February birthday and being British (I was born in Scotland!).

Happy belated and thanks again! I'll be back!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Can't wait to hear about your photography class! If this first "snow" picture was taken by you, then I think you have a bright future, indeed! (Sooo cute!)


rxBambi said...

that is an adorable picture.

when are you going home? Do you want me to come with you? I really really want to. tell me its not in the next 3 months...

reality tv and me don't get along. Sorry pixie, I hate it. But we can still be twinkies. I'll just drink while youwatch it. deal?

Little Ms Blogger said...

I just stole your idea of doing 44 new things in my 44th year of life, but a list would be a bit too much for me...I'd feel LIKE I had to do something instead of what I really wanted which is to try something new and have fun (spontaneous is the key).

You're complaining about winter and you're from England? Hmmm..stumped.

How cool about your in-laws...will they adopt me? I LOVED London and was just telling my hubby how much I want to go back.

Love the fact Amazing Race is back on and love that CEO show.

For a quick ramble this is fun packed...and happy belated birthday!

Richard said...

Winter can't end soon enough for me either! I've never been so cold in all my natural!

Mama-Face said...

My favorite line..."people think I'm weird and I don't give a crap"

bahaha. I thought your random thoughts were quite collected actually.