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Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy, busy, busy....

Snapshot of a busy week..... 

In the wonderful world of Junior Service League, this is our busiest time 
of year... BARGAIN BAZAAR.

We fill a massive warehouse with wonderful and wacky donated items and 
then have a big party on Friday night so people can come and eat, drink,
be entertained and shop. 

In my little corner of the world, I have been juggling BB week and
soccer, hubby being out of town, working full time, having some crazy weird
bug thing that had me thinking I was dying (I know),  a freaky visit to the vets for 
both dogs and ushering at the local Cultural Center...oh and I still found time 
to purchase the cutest and I mean CUTEST fuschia sweater. 

So this would not have been a good week to be out of crazy pills... glad I wasn't.

Syd learned a Swedish dance at school, apparently in the days of yore they 
had the peasants and the "no abilities"... I said what?? "yes Mama, the peasants
and the no abilities"... I think you mean Nobility darling... but at least now we 
no where the word came from.. thanks for breaking it down Syd.

So if I haven't commented on blogs or replied to emails this week I have a good 
excuse.. I plan to be back to my slackerish ways in the real world next week.. taking 
Monday off!!! yes ...taking it off from life!!! I'll be the one in the corner in a vegetative
 state all damn day... YAY me!!!! 

As for Blogapalooza... I have had a great response and will be contacting those
interested shortly... and Kimi if you're reading.. I would love a button.. just
saying...thanks.. I really heart you!!! really!!! thanks again!!! 

I wish I had a shell to hide in. 


Brian Miller said...

teehee...but then you would have to carry your house on your back. hmmmm...

Barb said...

The JS group here only does kids stuff at their big sale. Too bad. I don't have any good stuff to sell.
K. I forgive you for not visiting my blog constantly! hehe

otin said...

I don't want to hear any non commenting excuses! You had time to write the damned post, didn't you? hahahaha!

tori said...

no! wow! you are one crazy busy woman! Hope you're feeling better.

la ninja said...

oi, you, no excuses... just kidding, I don't do a fraction of what you do and I'm already knackered reading this.

couple of gears back? perhaps? give yourself some slack, will ya?

ps - shells are really not that becoming, pet.

Char said...

I'm so excited about thinking about coming in April. I'm just the next state over.

your blog is adorable.

McGillicutty said...

Char.... woot woot.. you can drive here in about 4 hours I think... "we'll have a blast and get to become life long friends"... if you can guess which film that's a quote from you'll win a prize!!!!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I wish I had a shell to hide in to.
I'm thinking about going back to bed instead of getting dressed today.


Conny said...

That's a tad too busy for me! Perhaps we ALL should take Monday off!! 't sounds good :>) and be sure to wear the fuschia sweater.

Cheers ~ Conny

yonca said...

Taking it off from life..Love that idea! I really need to do this :)