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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Birthday that just keeps giving....

Y'all are probably totally freakin' sick and effin' tired of hearing about my BIRTHDAY!!!! You know that one that was ELEVEN days ago now.... well sorry peeps there's more!!! I know... how long can I stretch this puppy out??? a lifetime, you have no idea how I can milk a special day... I'm the expert!!

Today in the mail box there was a cute little package, with PAST DUE stamped all over it, Syd brought it to me with an accusing look, she pointed out the past due. wtf? she'd be a good debt collector, she actually made me feel guilty and I quickly explained it was obviously something marvelous and it was stamped PAST DUE cos my lazy ass bff Bambi has never been on time for anything in her life. I was right... yay, woop woop, yippykayay, another fantastic gift for moi!!!! I love it!!!!

Let me tell you there is something fantastic about getting real stuff in the real mail. It made my freakin' day. I was having such a shitty day before this arrived (and for a short time after to be honest) but now I'm just tickled to death and reeling in the bloggy love!!!!! I use a lot of exclamation marks don't I? Kinda animated like that.

OK, so I have made a resolution to myself and those all around me that I will really try and be better about sending things... my sissy in England is still waiting for her birthday pressie... well girl... wait no more I"m mailing it ... yes I am.. tomorrowwww just wait and see. I have to send some pictures out to Grandma, so tomorrow I will start to get them printed and packaged and mailed. There are generous friends all over the place waiting for Thank You cards... y'all can wait... not really just kiddin'. I'll be working on those too!!!!!

Believe me people, I am about to single handedly save the future of the poor unloved mail (wo) be checking your mailboxes you never know when I may be sending you something crazy.
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Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Haha! What a fun post! My sister is also chronically late when she sends my birthday gifts. But she always waves it away by saying, "Hey, after all the gifts are opened, then you get MINE several days later! I'm just extending your birthday, you're WELCOME!!

Gotta love my sis!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! Someone who celebrates their birthday like me! National Holidays be smacked! Our birthdays are far more important and right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving! Bwaaaahahahahahaaha! ahem... Happy Birthday, McG... Again! :-)

Mama-Face said...

yep, a package like that would brighten any day. And yep, I suck at sending things. I need to mail a card today and I will probably forget.

Happy Birthday Again!

McGillicutty said...

OK I admit it...i'm still bad... i didn't mail sissy's present!!! boo me.

Joyce said...

I love my birthdays and feel all bdays should be celebrated more than one day! Enjoy!! xo

Jaime said...

celebrate your birthday as long as you can.

the judge i used to work for declared it "jubilee year" when she was turning 60 - which meant one present a month until the birthday month, and then they celebrated all month long.

not bad if you can get away with it

Tracie said...

We just got our Christmas presents from my SIL last week. I'm surprised she remembered at all.

rxBambi said...

I was only 11 days late? I'd say that's a record for me!

Barb and I gave each other presents on our own birthdays last year. That was kind of a fun change =)

Glad it kind of make your day a little bit!