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Monday, March 1, 2010

blah blah and more blah.....

OK this stinks. I have no photog inspiration! i'm afraid i'm trying too hard and have
pushed my limits to the end by trying to squeeze in something every day, but why, why 
am I sacrificing quality for quantity. And another thing, I don't feel like I am learning anything
so I need to slow down a little and read a little more before picking up the camera. 
The kids won't cooperate, I could quite easily take some fantastic shots of them but they
are running away hiding from me whenever i pick up Mr. Nikon!!! 
This long, horrible, brown, drab winter isn't helping... i need sunny days and color, i need
flip flops, ice cream treats and bright colored bathing suits. I bought myself some Tanqueray and 
tonic the other day and dreamed of the picture I could take...fizzy with a little lime! 
 but then realized i don't have any really nice glasses to photograph... so I'll have to go buy some!!! 
heee heee.
I drank the gin and tonic. 

I have been looking back a lot lately too.... back at pictures... back at memories and 
things I have done in my life.... revisiting things I have experienced and places I have 
been. What a lovely thing we have in our heads, a little hard drive in which to store those
most precious of times... so that, when it's yukky and times are hard, we have something which
nothing and no one can take from us, marvelous memories which lead to marvelous 
day dreams... ultimately leading to marvelous contentment! 

Now here are some of my better pictures... hopefully... I'll take some soon that will be 
more interesting and fabulous and I'll get over this little case of the blahs!!! 
Please stick around... there'll be some inspiring stuff soon I promise!! 

and i lost a follower today... blah.


Just Jules said...

I totally get it. I find if I push too hard it goes downhill. Go out to a store and bring your camera with . I just got the best pics at our natural food store of the vegetables. then I took a pic of a girl on the street - am in love with it and have been carrying the copy of it with me daily hoping to see her again and give it too her. get out and let the pictures find you.

bot a good pic in the book store too..... get out.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I think March is just naturally a "blah" month, myself! We're just itching for Spring to start, and it still seems so far away!!

Hope you find some more inspiration soon!!

rxBambi said...

the problem with our little hard drive is that sometimes there are thoughts that I don't want to think about and they wont leave me alone... don't you have those too? They make me nuts.

I'm totally with ya on the quality/quantity thing. Plus I had to push my photo class back til april. I feel like then I may be able to get some mojo back -- I HOPE!!

I don't really like gin. You'll have to teach me =)

ps- that last set of pix was awesome!

my wv: keenemu... keen emu... I really like my emu... he's keen.

Brian Miller said...

hey i like your pics...
the thing is discipline to take them each day...
it works the same with writing...somedays its good, some days not so much...but i am always surprised when i think one is a bust and someone likes it...

Char said...

I know these feelings too - all I can say is hang in there and push through it. It was part of the reason I avoided a 365...but I'm pushing through too.

We all have to support each other.

Barb said...

Me too on the 365 thing. I've been thinking about several things I could photograph, tho. I'm going to make a list for those days when there is no mojo. Hang in there. I love your pictures! (and every time I take out my camera my oldest calls me a freak)

ModernMom said...

Well I'm new here and I find all of your photos AMAZING!!
So glad you stopped by my blog and followed! Following right back, so great to "meet" you!

beth said...

oh how i hear you loud and clear....i need what you need, too !

it's coming...i know it is ! we're in the 40's this week and that's amazing !

hang in there sweetie !

Conny said...

What?? Am I not a follower? Darn it - off to add myself now. So there, you non-follower!

Following here to say I love your last collage - I like the composition.

Cheers ~ Conny

Mighty M said...

I find if I have not taken any pictures, good or otherwise, I have NOTHING to blog about!

otin said...

Yep, winter sucks! Yesterday, they were playing college baseball and today they are shoveling slush.

I have heard of writer's block, but you seem to have photographers block! It will come to you, give it a chance.