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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Corner View... Personal Style.

Corner View is back after a short hiatus (some Jane's and some mine)
I am so glad because this has to be my favorite "groupie" thing
that I do.
Go here and check out Jane's site, Spain Daily, she's so sophisticated!!!

This weeks theme is personal style, hmmm, that's always tricky to define...
I love it when I get something and a friends says oh that's so you!!
What in the world does that really mean? But I guess it's a compliment and
means it's something that says who I am.
I have gone through many phases of fashion that's for sure, and I
still find it hard to adjust to the American way of dressing, even after
twelve and a half years... I never wear sneakers with jeans... Oh NO!!!!
I like a mish mash of stuff, sometimes I'm big bold print and
other's I'm all about the black and white.

Lately I love jeans and plain black shirts with big jewelry!!

Here's a snippet of my wild and disastrously unorganized closet...

yes it would be fab if everything were hanging on wooden hangers and
organized by color!!! but it's not!!!!

These, my little beauties, are my latest love!!!
I think these are about the best example of my personal style ever.
I love them more than blogging!!!!
Now quit dribbling over my shoes and go check out the other wonderful
Corner Views..... really, you'll love them!!!

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Brian Miller said...

my closet is no where near as organized....

Daan said...

shoes deserve their own CV, don't you think?

and i think your closet looks organized enough! (you should see mine ;-)

Samantha said...

Shoes = Cute! Oh, and I love just black tees and comfy...and so classic.

tori said...

more than blogging?....they are REALLY lovely!

Barb said...

My closet is much less organized! And I never seem to have cute shoes. I guess that cause I hate shopping for them! (don't tell Bambi!)

Joyce said...

your closet is colorful. Love the shoes. xo

Corrie Howe said...

This looks more like and advertisement than a real closet.

McGillicutty said...

LOL this has me giggling 'cos it really is a big mess in there. Hub even commented "OMG you are NOT putting our closet on your blog!!".
I guess it all depends on how you take the pic and how people perceive!!!! Thanks for your asides!!! love it!!! :)

Tracie said...

My closet is so ugly. It makes me sad.

Mari Mansourian said...

love the shoes, love the shoes, love the shoes, oh and i love the shoes, :))

Conny said...

Oh yes, I have shoe envy!! Shoes should have their own CV - perhaps "line up 5 of your favorite pair" kind of CV. :>)

I like that you posted the interior of your closet just as it is. Thanks for sharing your Corner View today. It's a fashion kind of day out there.

Grizzly Bear said...

Ok I just started organizing my closet and ya it has been weeks can't decide what to throw out I am hoping to fit in those size 7 jeans that I wore like 7 years ago..hey I got to hold onto some hope right ? LOL... I know crazy I am down to 12's and i am holding on a dang pair of 7's crazy but that is just me LOL.... :)

We would totally be bff's cuz I need someone to help me with my closet LOL :D

Bonnie said...

ha ha. your post made me laugh !!

Lynn said...

Loved this! Your sense of humor cracks me up. I love shoes, too, but unfortunately only have *gasp* five pairs. Really. It's pathetic. When I actually figured out the number right now, I am feeling the most irresistable urge to go shopping.

Glad to find you. Following!

McGillicutty said...

Allegria.... I have a ton of shoes but probably only were two on a regular basis... the others really need to go so that I can shop for MORE!!!! woo hoo thx for following <3

Palmer and Co said...

You can never go wrong with a fabulous pair of shoes! Especially if you love them more than blogging!

Happy Day!

jane said...

thank you darling! and yeah- i´m drooling... besos girlfriend!