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Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Hour Friday....


Yes folks a little fun for your Friday viewing brought to you by my 
BFF (bloggy friend forever) none other than RxBambi!!!!! 
Go check her's out... very nice!!!! 

So... this week there are several things to be happy about... 
The little girls in my life have commenced Spring Soccer Season
at the YMCA... nothing Spring about it my friends.. it's freakin' winter out 
there without a doubt.. however, Syd the 8 yr old who insists she's 9 is 
doing a fantastic job!!! I was all taken aback because they have 11 on the
team and they have a goaly and play on a big field... GASP!!!! she's not 
a little short thing just running around holding hands with her friends and 
getting a kick at an open goal now and again... no sir .... she's in the big leagues. 
I haven't even taken pictures yet but I was extremely happy to see those 
rosey cheeks glowing and the big smile on her face last night after an 
hour and change out there running around in the cold!!!! GO SYD!!! 
Ash... not so much, she's the little short thing (I say that but she's taller than most
of her team even thought they moved her up to play with the next age group) she's 
still messing around on the field, running in slow mo to make her friends laugh 
and stopping to look at the sky and the trees and daydream a little. Good for 
her... she's in no hurry to grow up and that makes me happy. 

Payday... always makes me happy! 

I'm happy that his Gorgeousness took the girls to school this morning so that 
I can take a mo to tell y'all how happy I am . 

I'm happy that my friend Bambi wants to come and drink wine and dance on 
my shiny dining room table... of course she can't dance on the table but it makes
me happy she wants to. 

I'm happy that I have 99 followers..... look to the right... there they all are.. together
like 99 bottles of beer on the wall!!! Love you dahlings... mwwwuuhaaa.


Barb said...

whoo hoo funkin' yabba dabba do! I'm first!
Love the happy list. Glad I'm one of your 99. I always hated spring soccer because of the cold, wet fields!
Happy Friday!

Lori said...

It's too cold to be out playing soccer right now! I can barely walk to and from my car without complaining!

And payday always makes me happy too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

rxBambi said...

how come you wont let me dance on your shiny table?? LOL
I'm happy YOU are the one out there for Y spring soccer and doubly happy my kids are past that stage! At least during fall soccer is sorta warm (still hated the saturday morning thing tho...).
thanks for playing HHF even tho you are a silly girl and didn't know how to put your name in correctly! Congrats on 99!
You're my BFF too! xoxox

Brian Miller said...

just to make you happier....i am now #100. smiles.

have a great weekend!

Mike said...

100!! Brian came through!! lol

It is too cold to play outside, especially for the parents.

Bambi is going to dance on your table? hmmm lol

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I wish everyday was payday!

Happy weekend!


tori said...

woo hoo 100 followers!!! congrats! One of the biggest things I miss about my oldest being all grown up and stuff, is watching her play sports!
glad you're appreciating it!

Richard said...

Yes, you're up to 100 now! Congrats!

.... said...

101 now my dear. I was following at Pink Clock but somehow never added this one. Done. :)

Ahh soccor. I think I'm sorta happy my darling girl has not expressed an interest in it. lol She did want to try softball this year but we'll be gone for 2 weeks in the middle of the season & the coach hemmmed & hawwed enough about it that we said forget it. I think we'll try another dance class instead (but goodness save the little girls placed near her as my darling has my {lack of}
Love you list & hope you are having a wonderful week!