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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Methinks it's time for some.... RANDOMONIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, first... not feeling my usual peace and harmony with the Cab... am I going off red wine?
Could it be????? Surely not!!!!!!!
This happened once before but not for long, will try something else for a while and see
if the Cab and I ever make up and are "on again".

My shih tzu's are itchy... now known as Itchy and Scratchy. I don't think they have
fleas, I haven't found any but they are about to get the freakin' boot if they don't
quit with the incessant scratching and licking... driving me bonkers!!!
I hope it's not a food allergy because I just don't have the time to watch what they
eat as well as worry about whether the kids are getting a balanced diet at the same
time as trying in vain to get His Gorgeousness and me into some kind of weight loss regimen.
Fokk it, lets all just eat cereal and drink green tea, that should about cover it.

It's now a little less than a month to my lovely 40th birthday, wait you say, aren't you already
40... noneya... just shut it and send me a pressie ok.. no ones counting!!! I am already
planning a fabulous weekend, attending the local, annual pig jig, what fun!! More
agri-antics to blog about, I know you're waiting anxiously for that one.

Interesting conflab with the youngest kid the other day in the car...
Ash.. Mom, is it illegal to have a step dad?
Me.. no it's not illegal, why do you ask.
Ash... Oh good 'cos I'd like Mr. T. (our neighbor) to be my step dad, I
love him so much!!!
Me.. well that might be illegal... sorry honey you'll just have to enjoy him
as a good friend 'cause he can't be your step dad.
Ash... But he's just so cool!!!!

His gorgeousness wants me to exercise 30 minutes every morning, seems to think
I have time to fit that into my busy schedule. Hmmmm.
I turn this into an opportunity to force him into buying me a Wii fit plus for my
40th birthday. The thing he doesn't understand is that I am not a morning person, nope
never have been, never will be. But I still want the Wii fit, then we can both
use it honey!!!!

OK, if you remember here I explained my love for JT. He has a new
movie coming out, and he's a bad guy with a bald head.... Crikey!!! he's flippin' gorgeous!!!!
Now may be my time.... he's in his fifties but I'm no spring chicken and I bet
we have a lot in common, Celebrex, Depends that kind of thing.
Mrs Ali Travolta... has a ring to it.

Does anyone ever use the labels... I just can't keep track, and when I do try and go
find something using them I find that I had labelled it something totally obscure which
made sense at the time but is completely useless now I want to find the thing... keeping
up??? please pay attention.

That's it from me today... share your random thoughts... come on
you know they're in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to add Mr Winky Linky thing
but don't know how to do it so maybe someone will help with that one!! !


Brian Miller said...

wonderful shot to end the illegal step dad...well in some never

Tracie said...

I love the pic at the end. The Wii Fit is fun and good for strength exercise and yoga. I don't think it gives you an effective cardio workout though. (Just my opinion.)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I love the conversation with your son and have to ask, is your husband planning on doing 30 minutes of daily exercise with you?

Conny said...

I love all the Randomonium today - lots to choose from. Kid's conversations are so random AND funny. Definitely worth writing down.

Did the air get drier where you are? That may be what's giving your dog the itchies. Dry skin? Of course, you wouldn't have to rub lotion on them (hee, hee).

Your ramblings are very funny today. Thanks for the smile.

The Bumbles said...

Travolta DOES look pretty damn good with that baldie look. Andy was watching the ad and said - "was that Travolta?!" I missed it so rewound (love the DVR) and couldn't believe my eyes. So I get where you are coming from.

Indiri Wood said...

What day is your birthday, darling? And send me your address again cause I'm a stinker and I lost it.

McGillicutty said...

Brian... we're probably one of those states...
LNB... it's a she.. and she's crazy! and I haven't heard any rumblings toward him exercising... good point!
Kys.. it doesn't really matter 'cos anything more than sitting on our butts right now is exercise...
Conny.. the air is definitely dry and no, lotion is not an option with their hair.
The Bumbles... TJ rocks the bald head.. I would totally do him!!
Sara... bring it baby!!!!

Mike said...

Almost 40, you young thing! :)

I find that if I eat corn, then my shits too, are also itchy and scratchy! LMFAO!!!!!!

blah blah blah, Travolta blah blah blah!

Unknown said...

Hey Girlio! Plz send me your address... I would love to help you celebrate your eternal 40th with prezzies! (I simply celebrate the anniversary of my 40th... Sexy, huh?)

Lisa Anne said...

I'm loving the photo. You should print it out and frame it.

rxBambi said...

I thought you meant JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! bwahahahahaha! He's bringing sexy back and he jizzes in in pants.

very random today, I love it!