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Saturday, January 2, 2010

So, how's 2010 treating you????

OK, I've resolved not to make any resolutions this year!
Big Whoop!

Instead I am consciously going to be the most freakin' optimistic and annoyingly
positive person on the planet. Yeah, me... lookin' on the bright side!!!

So far so good, I have cleaned the house and made it all nice and
sparse again, glad to see the mess of Christmas away in the attic where
it should be. The mountain, and I  mean Kilimanjaro not Ben Nevis, of laundry
is underway. There's even some clean stuff put away.

I have posted my two pictures on Flickr for my new 365 project. Actually I used two old
ones but looking at what others are doing has spurred me on to get my Nikon
out and do something fabulous. My good friend Court got a Nikon for
Christmas (a D5000!!) and she's read the manual so she's helping
me out, I know, I'm like a baby still wanting to be spoon fed!!!

And the novel... well I've had many a sleepless night thinking of
what I  might write about, but there's nothing on "paper" as of yet.
I just can't think of the first sentence, maybe I should just write anything
down and go back and change it later??? what do you think??
With all the ideas I have floating around I should be able to make
a half decent story but it's getting started that's the prob.
Procrastination is not my friend!!!

Last night we watched Paranormal Activity, anyone seen it?
I won't spoil it but either I am a cold hearted bitch or the movie was
not as terrifying as it was touted to be. Just sayin'.

That's it for now... I'm leaving you with a picture of all the handsome
husbands at New Years. Yeah, we had a gathering and it was a lot
of fun. Don't hate, we do have some good lookin' hubby's, I like to
call this picture "The Real Husbands of Thomas County".

Wtf is with the hands in the pockets?????


iasa said...

Um yeah Paranormal Activity snooze. I was watching that in the airport when my flight was delayed. I was afraid I was going to fall asleep and miss my flight. The acting didn't help either.

As for the novel, just jump in. So much of it will be changed during rewrites anyway.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I have to admit that the ending scared me and I rushed home to Google whether it was a true story or not. Sometimes at night I think about some parts of that movie and I can't get up to go pee. And, then I'm up the rest of the night. I must be a wimp!
So far this year, I suck on many levels.
That's a great picture of the hubbys.
Happy New year and hugs!!

Brian Miller said...

just keeping them warm for you


Barb said...

LOL - love the picture with all the hands in the pockets! Saw your flickr photos - great! I'm participating too. But I'm not a photographer! And I'm still thinking about resolutions.

Sara said...

(***small SPOILER alert***)
For Paranormal Activity, if they could have combined the first part of the ending (the toss against the camera made me jump) with the second part of the alternate ending (that knife, eww!) I think it would have finished better. I felt the urge to watch Care Bears for about 10 minutes after it was over, though, and that was it.

You should take current pics for the 365, my dear. Try a pic of the laundry if that's what you've got. ;)

yonca said...

What a great pic of the hubbys.I wish you a happy new year!

McGillicutty said...

Sara... I know!!! I know!!! I took some pics yesterday and today and won't be a bad 365er again I promise!!! :)

Stacey said...

Ah! A fellow Non-Resolutioner! I love it! Are we twins seperated at birth????

rxBambi said...

I'm having the same novel issues. But I haven't cheated on the 365 yet so it looks like I'm a step ahead of you :)


of course, I haven't posted a photo for day 3 yet, or even taken one, so I may end up being a cheater yet.

CatLadyLarew said...

Great lookin' batch of husbands you have there. I'm not sure it's really fair of you to take them all, though. Have any extras laying around... maybe in the 50-60's age range? We seem to be fresh out of them around here.

The Bumbles said...

My guess would be that all of the handsome hubbies are playing pocket pool ;0)