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Friday, January 22, 2010

Miss High Cotton USA!!!!!!

Morning Bloggers (and readers who don't blog)!!!!

I am rallying the troops for a friend and I need your help,
there's a game originated here in GA that's called High Cotton, never played it
myself but I'm gonna.... I hear it's a lot of fun.

I have a good friend who's mother plays and she's entered into the
Miss High Cotton USA contest.
So please check out the site... HERE... and vote for #9, she's the one
rockin' the fur!!!!!
She's from right here in Thomas County and is the mother of my
good friend Ashley (love the name!!).

Thanks and Happy Friday to y'all, come back and see us ya hear!!!


likeschocolate said...

I still need to get down that way!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I voted, so you have to let us know if she wins.

Barb said...

Hey Girl! I voted :)

marinik said...

love the photo darling, and happy friday to you as well:)

spudballoo said...

Fabulous photo! You must feel a long way from 'home'...cotton? What?


Mighty M said...

Love the pic! I will go and vote!! :)

McGillicutty said...

Thanks for your votes... I am going to buy this game and maybe we can play at the next BLOG CAMP GA!!!!!

otin said...

I am going to vote for your cotton pickin' thing lol!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I just voted. Looks like she's in 3rd place. Good luck to her, hope she wins!

I love the picture - cute big smiles and that cotton is amazing!

Corrie Howe said...

I voted. She is currently in third place.