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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Why do kids think its ok to leave their crap  everywhere?
Why do men take three hours to iron one shirt? But two minutes to rub your back?
Why am I such an "all or nothing" kinda person? Cant I get some consistency in my life?
Why did I lose 5lbs this week, when its been so hard to lose one ounce before now?
Why is my hair thin but my head fat?
Why does a ringtone immediately make you judge that person?
Why do store loss prevention people zoom in on your boobs and butt? 
Why is it that you can feel frustrated at a child one minute and then they melt your heart the next?
Why have I burned dinner the past two evenings? Im usually a pretty good cook.
Why do miracles only seem to happen to other people?
Why am I procrastinating about getting my US Citizenship? 
Why do dogs sniff for just the right place to poo when you can clearly see it's coming, like now!!! 
Why, as I look out the window, is my dog pooing on the hose that's been left out..ewwww! 

You may leave answers to these and any other unanswered questions in the comments, please I beg of you .... come up with some reasons, explanations, wild guesses... anything!!! 


likeschocolate said...

All very good questions that I would sure love the answer too. Mine is why will my almost 3 year old not go down in the basement where all the toys are without me?

iasa said...

well the men i know take two hours to iron a shirt, because they are waiting for me to do it for them. they keep thinking, just one more minute then she will offer. As for the back rubbing, 1)they are lazy and 2)what they heard me ask was 'do you want to have sex?. When they have waited 2 minutes for sex and it is not forthcoming, they bugger off and have a sandwich.

Why do I date such crap men?

Erin said...

I don't have any answers, only more questions. Like why does my hubs pick on me about something on the day when I can LEAST handle it? Why do apples make me hungrier? Why should I bother exercising when it makes me hungrier and therefore eat MORE??? Why do I bother getting out of bed in the morning?!!?! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

tori said...

I'm an "all or nothing" kinda person too and I'd like to know why also, so if you find out let me know.
oh and also the thin hair fat head thing too ugh!
I think I know the answer to the kid melting your heart one....God made them that way so we don't kill em. you know otherwise the human race would die out.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

If getting your citizenship requires you to jump through even half as many hoops and fill out half as much paperwork as the Green Card process, then I *totally* understand why you're procrastinating on that.

I'll be eligible soon, and I haven't even looked at what I'm supposed to do!

Brian Miller said...

3 hours to iron a show you how helpless we are without you.

2 minute massage..thats all it takes right? smiles.

Conny said...

Ahhh, the big questions in life. Hee, hee. In answer to question #2, I think men have a warped sense of time and how long it takes to do anything.

Where dogs decided to take a crap has always been a mystery to me. Why do they have to circle around the same place 3 times before the deed is done??

Great post!

Barb said...


Glamazon said...

Love it. I am laughing at it all...cuz I have a fat head, too :)

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Your hubby irons his shirts? My older kids just found out that we actually own a iron last year.... I hate ironing.

I have no answers, sorry!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

s/b an iron. crap!

rxBambi said...

why did I marry my father?