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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For the love of Kimi.....

So Many Kids, So Little Time

When I started blogging I only had one aim in mind.. and that 
was to write down all the crap that bounced around my head on a 
daily basis and hope that someone might read it. 
I never in my wildest thought it would lead to friendships, both
in real world and online, and people supporting one another and 
all that squishy stuff we write about now and again. 

Some weeks ago, many weeks ago now, I came across a blog which 
was very fun and cute and welcoming... i was thinking about 
a new look for my site and had toyed with a few ideas, mostly 
mixing up stuff I'd seen others do with a few boring old granny
ideas of my own. I emailed Kimi and asked her for some pointers 
on creating a button for my blog, seemed like others were all about 
their buttons and I should jump on the buttonwaggon. 

She was AWESOME!!! not only did she explain stuff, she patiently 
designed my button a million times while we went back and forth until
we came up with this... look to the right =>=>=>=>

Then, if that wasn't enough, she then made it bigger for a
project I have in mind (still procrastinating over that one!!)

Fast forward to last week, McGilly here was hosing her first
review/giveaway.....and I needed some help... serious help.
So once again I call on my trusty new friend Kimi for a
shout out... "sure" she says.. "just let me finish
laundry, kids stuff, reviewing things, writing my blog,
creating and juggling etc etc etc and I'll be right on it".
Wowzer!!! in all that she had to do in a day Kimi
took some time out to give me a hand with my
first review/giveaway!!!!

In short, this is the kind of blogger that I love to call
a friend!!!! I hope that if someone calls upon me for help I'll
jump right on it as Kimi does and give a sistah a hand...

Now, quit lollygaggin' around and push her button, get
over there, tell her I sent ya, follow her and spread the
love people spread the lurve!!!!

So Many Kids, So Little Time


Jenny said...

She is cool! I met her sometime back and she is so real and sincere she makes blogging totally wonderful!

Kimi said...

Oh my gosh! Honestly I just am beyond words at this moment. I'm seconds away from a Sally Field like "You like me, you really like me."

Thank you so much for the super kind words. You have officially made my day :)

Mari Mansourian said...

ahhhh yes ... sisterhood of the blogoshpere, love ya doll :)and love the button

tori said...

Kimi has given me technical advice and encouragement too! Great post about a great gal!