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Saturday, January 23, 2010

WTF is up with FB??????

Arrgghhhh its aggrivating that I can't get on there and surprise humiliate some of my
old friends!!!! I know a lot of you out there poo poo FB and say it's a
load of old crap.. but when you have family and friends spread worldwide it's
kinda freakin' handy!!!! you know!!!!

I have been going through my rather large box of old pictures and
memories... all alone in the moonlight... and I just can't believe the stuff I have..
I want to get it out there and rekindle some of the fun of my youth!!!

So bliggidy bloggers here I go... I'm gonna freakin' bore you with this shit instead...

This is my sister and I think she's sporting a bra that my best friend and I made for her
so that she'd have big boobs on her wedding day!!! hee hee.

This is me and my boys.... nuff said!!!

My friends and I enjoying a picnic in the New Forest... I'm pretty
sure that cullots were IN!!!!!

And..... w.t.f. is this????? some kind of skit at the Christmas Talent Show
of a large and once reputible Insurance Company I worked for!!!

Oh it's so much fun to go through all this... I love it.. and now I know why I keep
that big box of hidden treasures in the first place!!! There will be more soon
I'm sure!! Stay tuned.


rxBambi said...

too funny! I'm glad you didn't know me back in the day! also I'm pretty culottes were NEVER in!!

Adoption of Jane said...

My 12yr old told me FB is a Whack-Ass-MySpace for old people. Awhile later he asked for his coputer time and I told him to bad My Whack-Ass is too old to move.

Luv your pics!

Adoption of Jane said...

oops computer time

tori said...

all I have to say is there are a lot of people I grew up with who should be very thankful I can't figure out how to use my scanner...
Love the pics! keep them coming!

G-Zell said...

ROFL those are some great pics.. man my friends and sisters keep posting pics of me and I keep saying JUST STOP you beotches! UGhhhhhh and they are not even cute ones alright.. I have been going through my pics because it is on like Donkey kong! LOL

otin said...

Why can't you get on facebook?

Is it down or something?

I love the pics. Keep putting new ones up!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm sorry I've missed so many of your posts. Someone posted a picture of me in 7th grade on Facebook. I showed it to my kids thinking that they'd never stop laughing but they were cool about least to my face!


Tracie said...

Facebook is Of The Devil.

I love your pics!

mean_owen said...

Facebook is indeed good for bringing up old embarassing photos.

I've gotten to where I can hardly bring myself to log in FB anymore, not because of that, but because of all the silly add-ons. I don't dig the farm stuff, virtual drinks and snowballs etc. IMHO, it just clutters everything up.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Awesome photos! I totally hear you on Facebook: I'd never be able to stay in touch with all my friends without it.

beth said...

next time I'll call you :)

and I think I had a bra like that once ?? has your sister seen this photo ??? of her ??? all over blog land ???


Little Ms Blogger said...

Carrot slippers? I thought they may have been Tigger's feet from Winnie the Pooh.

Even if I had old pictures of me, I wouldn't know how to scan them into my laptop.

I know. I'm a big non tech dork.

Corrie Howe said...

I was talked into being Sony to my co-worker's Cher at my insurance company office party.

Anonymous said...

oops - sorry!!! do you want me to change it or delete it????