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Sunday, January 17, 2010

How's your weekend????

Look at us... not going to Church this morning even though a very good
friend of mine is having her little girl Baptized!!! I feel guilty!!!

Family time for the modern family has changed so much, this morning I am
on my laptop at the kitchen table, Syd is on Dad's laptop beside me, Ash is on the
home computer in the bedroom and His Gorgeousness is on the phone
pacing around talking with his folks!!!
We're together but separate and all perfectly happy.

I have been taking part in a Photo A Day project called the Blog Camp
365 in 2010 project and have been checking out all the beautiful
pictures posted thus far. It's incredible the amount of talent out there.
This morning I watched a slideshow of the complete project and thoroughly
enjoyed the whole thing. I think I need to step up my game, I'm not as
consistent as I'd like to be but it's mainly due to time constraints and
this crappy weather we've been having. Something about dreary skies
and rain saps the inspiration from me!!!

I will endeavor to continue because somewhere in my future are bright
skies, summer vacays and of course all the wonderful festivals and
get together's that are South GA.

Today we're off to Tallahassee to find cleats for the girls upcoming soccer
season (not a pair in Syd's size to be found in T-ville) so I am hoping
family won't groan too much when I plead that we go downtown so I can
take some pictures... wish me luck!!!

How's your Sunday?????


Little Ms Blogger said...

My Sunday is actually going as I planned - stressless and restful.

I'm finally going to take down the Christmas decorations and finish reading Lovely Bones this afternoon.

Basically, a great afternoon.

I love you definition of the modern family. It's very true.

mean_owen said...

Yesterday, worked most of the day, including a three-hour round trip for a statewide science group's business meeting. Yawn.

Until fall of last year, we have been very involved in church on Sunday mornings for most of our adult lives, but we haven't been to church in a few months (except for the Church of the Holy Comforter-i.e. sleeping in). It's a long story that I'll save for my blog some time. We may pay for it in eternity (or we may not), but for now our quality of life on Sundays, especially mornings, has really improved. Now, our Sundays get off to a slow start. Today, I slept past seven, and then got up to read the paper. Momma and the youngest and middle child all chilled in the den for a while; eldest finally got up and came downstairs all bossy and changed the dynamic. Sigh. I'm going to goof around on the internet for a few minutes, then spend most of the working at home (writing lectures) and keeping an eye on little ones while mom and eldest son do some volunteer work. Then I gotta go in to the lab to work a bit. I usually cook dinner on weekends, so I'll do that, then do some more paper work. Not too exciting a day, but fairly leisurely compared to weekdays!

Mike said...

I actually like the new lifestyle where everyone kind of does their own thing. I would have much rather written on my blog than had to watch the Waltons on Sunday night with my mom! LOL

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Happy Sunday! I took Oldest Daughter shopping for her birthday. Great days always involve going to the mall!


Indiri Wood said...

Eric and I are plugging away at the computers side by side and the kids are taking a nap on the bed behind us.

If they groan about going downtown for pictures then you can groan back about "having to go to the store for something YOU want for soccer". :) Right? You all get to make your necessary stops that way.

Jenny said...

We have that cleat issue with our middle granddaughter every year. PLUS she always is hoping to find something that is sparkly so that complicates things! ha! Hope you found them.

rxBambi said...

bob made me work in the basement all day :)
But we made it to "st fiona's" -- it's a breakfast place that is called fiona's but Barb makes fun and calls is "saint fiona's" because my family goes every sunday. hahaha

oh and TOTALLY JEALOUS about the crumpler. Which one is it? I bought the 8million dollar house but was too big so I returned it for the 6. I got the red tooo... I cna't wait for it to come!

McGillicutty said...

Bamb.. it's the four million dollar but it's a tad bit tight, thinking the five million may have been the one to get. I love it and it's fine for now but may not be later when I get more lenses. Look at you going for the eight right off the bat!!! typical!!! hahahaha

Brian Miller said...

sunday was nice and quiet...after church we just stayed around the house, wrestling, playing superheroes, watched a movie, read...relaxed.

Corrie Howe said...

I was explaining a similar thing about our family vacation...we were all together but doing our own thing. I'd call "family time" about 3:00 p.m. everyday and we'd play a board game or watch a movie..and we'd eat all our meals together. We loved it.