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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time for more Randomoniim in McGillyville....

OK, random item numero uno....when the heck did the time start
passing by so quickly and how did Thanksgiving sneak up like this? 

I don't feel very thankful right now, yeah I said it! it's out there 
I just don't. I've been working freakin' hard this year and I only 
want to thank myself!!! So sue me!!!!! 

Numero dos.....this is as far as it goes for me and the 
Spanish counting... 

three.... Hubby is into FB... wtf....he's always so 2000 and late!!!! 
still better late than never I guess, he's just such an amateur and 
keeps asking me for help. He'll be blogging next!!! 

four... with weather like we've been getting it's hard to 
concentrate on work, I keep thinking I could be out somewhere 
fabulous taking pictures, I miss RENO!!!!  

five....eldest child is a book-a-holic, we're going to have to make more
trips to the library, she bought a book a the weekend which cost
$16.99 and read it in a day!!! It kinda hit me that a habit this 
expensive needs to be fed by the library versus the book store. 

six...did I mention Thanksgiving...I'm cooking this year and haven't 
even started to think about a menu!!! Is it wrong to hire a caterer 
or even go out for dinner???

seven..... why do people who work for the utility company have 
to be do damn rude? Is it a prerequisite?  The application probably, age, address, are you a complete asshole to strangers
who pay your wages? 

Well that's it... can you tell I'm not in a very positive mood lately? Sorry about 
that I'll try harder to get back to the light and jaunty McGilly you all 
know and love!!!!! 


iasa said...

yay fo the book-a-holic. It's terrible when you can spend a fortune on books and only get one or two (a fortune at our house is $30). I suffered from the same problem as a child. I don't think I would have survived without the library and garage sales.

jane said...

what did the snail say that was riding on the back of the turtle? Weeeeeeee! Did that cheer you up? besos!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Well this should cheer you up...your bad mood made me smile!

1) Thanksgiving pretty much comes the day after Labor Day after the age fo 30. Didnt you know that?

2) Bien

3) It could be worse. My husband calls FB "my face"

4) Ditto. PA is fabulous this week!

5) I have one of those and wish I'd bought stock in Amazon. The library is the way to go!

6) We went out for Chinese one Thanksgiving. Why not?

7) I HATE rude service people and ALWAYS call them on it. I usually say in a charming voice "You seem so unhappy in your job. Have you told your supervisor?"

rxBambi said...

LOL at TFMs #7! And I really think you need to be in Reno over christmas. We do thanksgiving here every year and for some reason it is my least favorite holiday. I don't know why. This year it's even my kids birthday, you'd think I'd be excited. My kids are all book-a-holics, it's a good thing, and so is the library (but the fines will get ya too)

Cheer up! I loves ya baby!

McGillicutty said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments and yes cheese ball jokes do cheer me up!!!
I'm happy right now because I can hear bookaholic reading to little soon to be bookaholic... maybe i should consider some stock in Amazon and get them both a Kindle.

Mike said...

Hubby's gonna blog? Uh OH! lol!

I will have to clean up my act!

Thanksgiving is here! LOL!

Aren't all service people rude?