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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Such a lot to blog about today....

Usually in any given week I have a ton of
things to do and I never get to the end of it, I'm overwhelmed
tired and just plain bogged down!!!!

This week I have taken a different approach, the stop and think
approach where I will try and organize stuff in the moment
so that there's no need to revisit later. It's a case of if
you don't have time to do it right the first time then
you damn sure don't have time to come
back to do it again!

This philosophy is serving me well, it's early days
so don't get all excited thinking I've actually
grown up a little... I'm sure there'll be pitfalls
for me to blog about later, but for now, life is
settled and it's a good feeling.

So without further rambling let me tell you what
all this is leading up to....

Yesterday ... it was MY DAY... just for me...
no one else!!!! The laundry was done, the kids rooms
are semi-tidy, tidy enough that I don't feel sick to
look at them, the groceries are ok... for now.
So I blogged in the morning, then I started a pot of
chili for a chili cook off at church, I entered last
minute just 'cos I know I make damn good chili and
thought what the hey... enter!!!

At ten I had my first massage... MAN.... it was kinda
scary but pretty awesome. When I called to book they were
all, well the girl who does this is booked up but you can
have this kind of massage blah blah blah, we
settled on a type of massage and a time and all
that good stuff and just as I was hanging up she slipped
in.. bye now, see you at ten with Will.
WOT?? WILL?? do you mean Willamena??? Wylthia?? Willie Mae, even????

So not wanting to look like the big weird prude that I am I just said
yes, see you then... and hung up. Then started to poll my girlfriends to
ascertain just who had had a MALE do them, you know what I mean,
and did they keep their panties on? Would it be ok to wear some
of the old maternity panties that should be called chesties because
they come up to your neck, or should I wear grannies to
my armpits or should I just go with the thermals and be done with it???

It's a dilemma people, I mean you don't want to look like a
old woman in your grunged out Hanes and you don't want to
look like you're seducing him in your pink leopard lacies either...
I'll never tell what I went for but it worked out well.

Hair at noon, I love Brittany, she does a great job and doesn't
care about my nether garments. Phewwww.

So here I am all relaxed and cutie pie, I spent time with the
girls doing homework and getting their stuff ready for
school the next day (see what I mean about being
johnny on the spot!)

Then the almost best part of the day...I bundled the girls and the chili into
the car, headed for Church and allowed the judges to
thoroughly enjoy my creation, my culinary masterpiece,
my bowl of sheer joy.
And I took second place out of fifteen!!!
I can now invite people over for my award-winning
Chili. yes... that's right!!!!

and the piece de resistance... Hubster
has been out of town (yes again) and he came home
with a little black box full of diamonds!!!
There is nothing like getting diamonds on a Wednesday
night!!! Especially when you're relaxed, have
a new do and you're now an award winning
Chili Mama!!!

Yep, yesterday was a good day, a great day
a day to remember!!!!!


Mari Mansourian said...

that does sound like a heavenly day.. and don't worry i can't have a guy "do me" either.. i just can't relax and enjoy it you know...
and congrats on the chili win :))

Barb said...

Oh, wow. What a great "Me" day! Don't worry about the guy. I'm sure he doesn't care. And I'm sure he does lots of women! So when do we come down for some award-winning chili?

Mike said...

The chili sounds great! I would Not let a guy massage me either!! LOL!!!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I adore days like this!

As someone who has been a massage therapist for nigh 12 years, I am appalled at how they handled you on the phone! Going into the unknown territory of your first massage can scary! If someone calls to book a session and has never had a massage, I ask if they would prefer a man or a woman (my hubby is also a therapist) then explain the two things people worry about: what will I wear and how much of me will be exposed? I tell them straight away that they will "dress down to their comfort level" i.e., britches on or off - I don't care. I explain I'll be out of the room when they undress and that they'll be covered expect for the part I'm working on. I am very sensitive to how vulnerable people feel in their first massage.

Never settle and always ask for what you need in a therapeutic massage session!

As for a man or a woman...I prefer a woman because I like the nurturing aspect of a woman's energy. I think it's a "mom" thing. Men are often too mechanical (although truly my husband's massage isn't).

Wow...did you hit a nerve with me or what?

Anyway - so glad you had a day to just's good soul medicine and a good example for your daughters!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Yay for days to yourself! And I agree about the male masseuse, it's kinda how I feel about a male's just weird.

I have an award for you over at my blog, and I have a feeling you might like it. :)

Anonymous said...

well, you go, girl! so - what's it like to be "settled?"

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Massage, hair treatments, chili AND DIAMONDS? I'm totally jealous right now! ;) No seriously, I'm happy for you!


Anonymous said...

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