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Friday, October 30, 2009

A peek at what I was rambling about...

I thought seeing as I had rambled on and on about the dang ol' Cowboy Ball I had better do a post to let you have a peek at how it all turned out, you know, a little info about how we entertain ourselves here in the South while we're doing good for the children, the blessed little children.
The pumpkin was carved by Jill our fearless pumpkin carving President ~ cute!

When we do something big it usually means we need a lot of help, kids are the best helpers,
they actually think it's fun and don't whine about pay and conditions, most of the time!

Here's Jill the pumpkin queen showing my girls how to fill the buckets with
peanuts, very "cowboy" don't you think?

Now for one of the biggest things of the whole event, the auction and the decorations. We set up all these
tables on a kind of slant (my idea) (I know!!!) so that we could put out all the info and items for people to
bid on. Last year was a little dark so we did lanterns this time. I have to say I was
a tad bit afraid of lanterns, fire, flammables etc in the stables!!!! but it worked out well.
 On the tables where the guests would sit and eat we did little votive candles with the bucket of
peanuts and the horse shoes....all set on a runner of burlap, tres chic!!! in a country kinda way!
Again....tiny anxiety pangs at the whole fire and stables thing!

This lovely view below is what all the wonderful buckaroos and their gorgeous gals were
greeted with as they made their way into the Ball. Thanks to my good friend Becky who
was in charge of that kind of thing and has a great eye!!! People went over there
and used it as a back drop for pictures; it really set the tone and made them forget
that we were only after their "gold"!!!

Another important feature of the evening was the bar(s)... yes siree we had two well stocked
bars and the good times rolled!

Here's a picture of my lovely friend Jill (the Prez) and moi (the Chair)
why the heck do they call it the Chair... I'd rather be head dude, big cahuna, major cheese anything
but the Chair... it's such an inanimate object (unlike me!).
We look quite pleased with ourselves don't we? we were!

This is the raffle table, set up with the lovely prizes and the red balloons that the ladies selling
tickets would carry with them as they strolled around! Great idea! Note the
candy corn in the mason jars with the votive candles.... inspired!!!

And then there was the band.  How fantastic where they? OMG they did a
marvelous job of keeping everyone entertained, getting them up to dance, playing requests
and making the 2nd Annual Cowboy Ball the  fabulous success it was.
In case you're in the area and need a band, they are called Just Us and I can
hook you up with them if you contact me!

Note the large twinkling light ball, these are permanent fixtures dotted all
around the stables, simple but beautiful and create a certain j'nes se quio, n'est pas?
Not that the cowboys were looking for that, they were just there to have a great time, and that
my friend, is what they got.
Unfortunately, I took most of the pictures before the thing really started so I didn't get one
of the spread put on by our caterer. Sumptuous BBQ pork and chicken, sides of
potato salad, coleslaw and beans with bread rolls. Totally Delish!
I'll be using them again, without hesitation!!!
I like to think it went well, when all is said and done we raised a lot of
money for the kids in our community... now what's next?


The Peach Tart said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all.

rxBambi said...

Looks fabulous! Where's the bull? Is this your house? I'm coming to visit... :)

McGillicutty said...

Peach... really you should consider attending next year, it was a blast.
Bambi...I do have some of the bull which I may post later, I wish it was my house but alas not!! you can still come visit though.

Barb said...

Looks beautiful! You did a great job.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I wish I could have been there. The slant of the tables was perfect! What a great idea. Is this your main blog? I'm adding you to my list of blogs to read every day. Let me know if the Pink Clock one is your main one, please?

Happy Halloween!


beth said...

too fun and if you live here in wisconsin you can pretty much be the "big cheese" with anything you do....because you're right..."the chair"...I mean really