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Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Miss Relay for Life of Thomas County

No I haven't gone all toddlers in tiara's on you!!! I actually really detest beauty pageants
myself to be perfectly honest. 

However, when there's a little girl who so wants to be Little Miss Relay for Life, 
and that little girl is my daughter, I'm gonna move heaven and earth to do what I can 
for her, and here's why. 

Two years ago now, my beautiful, sweet girls whom I totally adore and would 
protect from anything, witnessed something that most adults would find
horrific and frightening. Their Grandpa died suddenly in our house while he 
and my mother were babysitting, my husband and I were both at work. 
Syd was six at the time and managed to help my mother (who suffers from Parkinson's)
call the ambulance and call me at work to come home. I was only five minutes from
home but that drive still plays out in my head and feels like it took forever. 
When I got home the girls were both frightened, knowing something terrible had 
happened,  Grandpa was curled up in the bathroom and had suffered some 
kind of ruptured artery in his throat, we knew he was on borrowed time
having suffered for about 18 months with cancer of the thyroid which then 
became cancer of the esophagus; even in the advanced stages of this terrible illness 
he insisted that he make this trip across the Pond to see his beloved
grandchildren one last time! 

So after some counceling and some seriously difficult conversations since that time,
Syd has made it her ambition to become Miss Relay for Life, this is her way of dealing with the 
horrible reality of cancer and helping others who are struggling with it. 

Relay for Life holds pageants and fundraisers all over the country. Last year 
Sydney entered but sadly didn't place in any category, of course I thought she was 
just gorgeous!!! I also think I didn't get the point across well that her mission was not
to be a Beauty Queen but to work hard at the real meaning of being Miss Relay for Life. 
Syd wants to help other kids, she wants to raise money towards a cure, she wants 
to represent the American Cancer Society. I was heartbroken to see her stand there
and not win one single category, she cried when I went back stage to get her and I
felt so helpless. I swore we wouldn't do it again. 
Well, Syd is a tougher gal than her Mama that's for sure. She's dusted herself
off and held her head high and is determined to be a winner this year. 

Here's where you come in. Yes You!!!! The aim of the pageant is to raise 
money for the American Cancer Society. One of the categories that she can win 
is the Relay for Life Champion, this crown goes to the little girl who raises the 
most money prior to the pageant.  We only have about four weeks in which to 
do this, so no procrastinating!!! There's a button at the top of my blog which
you just click to donate.. easy peasy lemon squeezy. 
Send me your hard earned cash. Send Syd notes of encouragement, pray
for my sanity and her bravery, pray for the kids who will all have a common
goal that evening... and most of all pray for an end to Cancer.

If you prefer to send a donation directly to Syd then please email
me and I'll get you the address. Thank you from us both, Thank You!!! 


rxBambi said...

I'm in! And this is perfect too because I was going to have to ask you for your address again for your birthday card... now I don't have to. I'll just ask for it so I can mail Syd some money.

Hooray for Syd!!

Brian Miller said...

i can see the determination in those eyes...

Little Ms Blogger said...

As a cancer survivor, I think she is doing great things.

tori said...

I'm in too. Can you email me your address? thanks!

Tracie said...

I'm going to put your link up right now. Fingers crossed for her.

beth said...

love this....and your daughter !
can you send me your address ?

Kate said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for her and for you. Good luck.

Kate xx