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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update on 2010 projects...

OK, so, as some of the more avid followers and readers may
know, I decided upon some projects to complete in 2010!
I am tired of being a loser and want to focus on a couple of things and
at the end of the year be able to look back and say
"wtf, I accomplished something!!!".

One of them is the Photo A Day project on flickr, going great so
far but it's getting hard to think of different things to post every day.
I have AT LAST begun the task of reading the manual for
my beloved Nikon. I have rekindled the love affair with my
tiny little Olympus and although I don't have the manual
for that, I can take what I've learned in general and use it
on my lickle 'ympus. It's fun....I"m really enjoying it!!!
here are some of my entries...

love the motion going on here!!!

Personal salt n peppa pots from the Concorde... yes really!!!

My very own beautiful feet resting upon my lovely Marge Carson coffee table, ahem.

and a little healthy snack.... yes a picture of a bag of freakin' carrots.

So.. my other project this year is to write a novel and have it appear on the
Bestsellers list.. not so much!!! I have written 600 jumbly words on an initial theme
that I really don't think I want to pursue.... so that one needs some TLC!! I
think seeing as we're headed into the last week, of the first month, of only
twelve, meaning, there's only 11 months left and if this one went by so
quick, surely the others will too!!! GASP!!!! I really need to get my
shit together and start writing..something... anything... I have read some
crappy books in my time so mine doesn't exactly have to be great, just

So my darlings, it's 8.34am, I have a five minute commute to work so
I better haul ass, I'll be back to check on you all later and I expect
some really nice encouraging comments to come back to!!!!!
Cheerio chaps, at ease!!!!!!


jane said...

hey darling! i think it sounds great! and i´m telling you this because you told me to. you go girl! hugs!

Indiri Wood said...

Put aside 10 minutes a day to write no matter what. You'll get there!

Conny said...

Posting a photo per day is a feat in itself! They are wonderful projects though. And so, You Accomplished Something Great. :>)

Corrie Howe said...

I hope you can accomplish me they are very high and lofty goals. I'd be better off attempting to blog everyday.

Mrs. M said...

Your feet look good! :)

yonca said...

Love your salt&peppa pots.Those carrots are calling my name. Oh yeah, i am a veggie lover:)

Brian Miller said...

great pics! i have been devoting an hour in the morning (getting up at the crack of dawn) to writing...

jane said...

i just read my comment again. it should read- i´m NOT telling you this because you told me to. sorry about that! again! you go girl!

rxBambi said...

I love your photos, they really have improved lately -- good job!