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Thursday, September 10, 2009

So today started like any other, I woke up feeling like I had slept for say... 30 minutes.... slapped the snooze button about seven times before crawling out of bed and stumbling to let the dogs out. Then it's just a frantic dash for about thirty minutes while clothes are picked out, teeth and hair are brushed, ears cleaned and book bags sorted. I took the kids to school looking like something the freakin' cat had dragged in. I was so tired that I asked our little car pooler (she just turned 10) if she'd like to drive.... she quietly declined. So I turned to Ash the outlandishly eccentric 5 year old if she was up for the job.... and wait for it.... she very matter of factly told me "Oh no Mama, I'm a terrible driver!!"

And that, my dear friends was that!

I want to offer a little recap of my blog to those who may be checking in for the first time or who don't know my background. I'm hoping this may help you in your decision whether to bother journeying back to the land of McGillicutty.

I am a displaced Brit, I married the gorgeous American man of my dreams after being in his company for only about 30 or so days, that was 12 years ago, I now reside in South West GA and love my life. I am a little bit Southern Bellish at times with the quirkiness of the British thrown in, in my opinion it makes for a very good mix. Things happen to me... they just do... I don't know why! In my head I think of myself as this totally together modern woman who exudes coolness and charm. In everyone else's heads I am a freakin' train wreck waiting to happen. And therein lies the emergence of this lovely blog. There were things happening in my brain that if I didn't get down on paper, nay online, I feared they would be forgotten forever and I'm hoping that when my girls are older they will have some small record of the fun that went on in our lives when they were young.

Examples of stuff just in the past year or so;

I was forced to demand refund from shitty dentist who almost ruined my mouth, therefore my life. Had hideous allergic reaction to Avon watch and had to spend a month or so with a huge rash on my wrist, very ugly. Had a small flood in kitchen, replaced floors. Had huge flood throughout the whole house, replaced floors, walls, some cabinets etc. spent a month in a two bed roomed apartment. Contracted something I have self diagnosed as gout. Severe case of pink eye. Surprisingly did not contract Swine Flu although it seems to be all around me. Nursed my five year old for a week while she was severely dehydrated and had to have fluids pumped into her not once but twice. Drove over a pine tree in a hurricane and nearly killed the whole family... completely terrifying.

So you see, it's always fun and games around here and worth checking back to see what I will be up to next. The previous few posts are tales of Blog Camp Reno, a totally random trip where I met some other bloggers and had the time of my life. Seriously thinking of hosting one here although it's no where near as awesome as Reno and Lake Tahoe, what would we do? Where would we go? How would I match up as a hostess? Would they notice the toothpaste on the sink and the constant finger prints on the patio doors? Would they like Cheddar Grits? I digress... so if you like what you saw here today, please stop by again, Oh and comment, for the love of God comment,... I thrive on it!!! I want to get to know you!!!! Really.

final thought.... all Senior Citizens should drink Vodka.

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rxBambi said...

LOL/ vodka? Seriously? Well maybe if it's that champagne vodka from blog camp.
I have always wanted to go to south west georgia, didn't you know that?
Let's do a post on how alike we are...

Barb said...

I, myself, am a southerner at heart. So a trip to south west GA sounds great! (if I'd be invited, that is). I love cheese grits (actually, any grits) and pictures you've posted of your small town are charming. And Bambi says you're great. I trust her judgement.

Fidgeting Gidget said...

GA would be fun...and just the thought of a British accent mixed with a Southern drawl intrigues me. :)

An Open Heart said...

I would sooooooo come to Blog Camp Thomasville! When? I want to get a head start on my packing! seriously, I'd come to blog camp in GA.


Stacey said...

mmmmm... Cheddar Grits! I might have to make it to Blog Camp Georgia!

McGillicutty said...

Ooooo stop it you're just being nice! Don't get me started on organizing this cos the next thing you know it's gonna happen!!!!

Mandy said...

Um...what are cheddar grits? Would that be cheese grits???? Darn Brits!

McGillicutty said...

oops OK.. yes cheese grits... ok so I got the name wrong but I have to say I make the best around!!!