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Saturday, September 12, 2009

WTF Friday... a day late and a dollar short!!!!

OK last night I got all caught up in Happy Hour Friday and didn't do my usual utterances of the things that make you go WTF!!!!!!

  • Why the hell has five year old munchkin suddenly developed a Jersey accent?  Seriously, all day the inflection has changed and I'm thinking about making her hair bigger and getting her some gaudy earrings.
  • There are some browsers that have WAY TOO MANY TOOLBARS!!!! I mean get over it all ready, we don't even use the effin' things so stop with the TB's. I am sick of logging on and having to adjust them so that I can actually see some of the site I came to see. 
  • I am thinking of getting those giant letters that you can hang on the wall and putting WTF above my bed.
  • Hubby ran a toll booth in Orlando but guess what??? the $100 fine only amounts to what we'd have paid if we took all the toll roads in Central Fl anyway so who gives a shit. 
  • Eight year old rode in a limo last night around town, I'm 40 and never got to do that!! Still can't understand why Bambi, Sara and Shannon didn't have one waiting for me at the airport last week, I had totally expected it. 
  • Google maps has a pic of my house and there's an unknown car in the driveway!!!! now that's a big WTF don't you think? especially as it's parked behind hubby's car and he claims not to know who it belongs to. Not going to make an issue of it, I trust him implicitly, however will print pic just in case.
  • Is summer really over? how did that happen? I swear I am still somewhere back in April/May! 
And that my friends is that, another episode of WTF Friday in the can, even if it's late I will not disappoint my fans!! hahahha.  Get ready for a new series of posts coming soon, it's based on the ever apparent likenesses of RxBambi and myself. Once we get our act together we'll share, we promise.  Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!


jane said...

hahaha! i remember sara used to pick up a south philly accent when we would go home... even weirder we didn´t know anyone from south philly... it would drive me nuts... happy weekend!

otin said...

WTF is wrong with a Jersey accent!!???!! :)

McGillicutty said...

Otin... there's nothing wrong with it if that's where you're from (I guess) but a five year old from GA who's never crossed the Mason Dixon Line has no business talking like Carmella Soprano!

An Open Heart said...

Um....I believe we picked you up in a Cadillac Escalade......did we not? WTF! ;o)


beth said...

thanks for finding just totally cracked me up !!!
I think WTF hanging anywhere, in any house would be perfect !!!