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Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

Don't have a lot of time to be wordy this morning but I'm happy, happy, happy!!!

Bought new clothes yesterday.....made me happy!!!

Going to a Junior Service League Social with his gorgeousness and lots of friends... I'm taking the fizzy pink Vodka stuff for me and a secret friend to share... she'll be happy therefore I'll be happy!!

The girls are being good and helped me clean the house last night and do laundry... happy!!

His Gorgeousness and I are going on a romantic getaway just the two of us (and Nikon) this weekend to celebrate our twelfth anniversary!!!  HAPPY!!!!!

The girls are being taken care of by my goodest friend H. and they'll go bowling, go to a movie blah blah blah, they're all happy so guess what?? I'm happy!!

I finished the project I have been working on for Mumsie and it's being prepared and mailed to her as we blog speak.... she's gonna be super happy..therefore I'll be super super happy.

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!! Get to wear jeans to work and although they're tight they still make me happy!

Now Go..... get on over to RxBambi and Otin and see what makes them happy!!
Cheerio Chaps.
News just in... took the 8 year olds to school this morning and rocked out to BOOM BOOM POW!! they have their own dance moves and aren't afraid to sing it sistah... makes me really happy!!!


rxBambi said...

His Gorgeousness and I are going on a romantic getaway just the two of us (and Nikon) this weekend to celebrate our twelfth anniversary!!! HAPPY!!!!!

Ummm, we don't need to see all the celebrating, otherwise you'll have to get that "dirty blog" warning up there (lol)

I'm happy that you're doing Happy Hour Friday, and I'm happy that you are soo happy today. Have a great weekend. And go to the university there and get some info. It's where youngest wants to go to school there.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm sure you're going to have an awesome weekend!

The rest of your list certainly is happy! :)

And I had to laugh about your final sentence - very cool that the 8 year olds have their own dance moves to BOOM BOOM POW - and aren't afraid to sing it... :)

Mike said...

You told me to come over and check out your happys. Is that what women are calling them these days? LMAO!
Pink fuzzy vodka drinks are good, and any time that someone will help you clean is also a happy thing!

tori said...

Sounds like your weekend is starting off great! I want to try the pink fuzzy vodka drink! What is it?

McGillicutty said...

Tori, it's called Nuvo and you can get it at your local liquor store!!!! or if you're in Nevada apparently you can get it at Kroger!!!!

Barb said...

Happy Anniversary! And the laundry thing would totally make me happy! How'd you do it?

McGillicutty said...'s easy it's called peer pressure... if you can get one of them to do it the other one always wants to do hers too.