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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And now I'm pissed.....

There's just too much crap going on for me to deal with.... last night I wanted to get the house straight because I have people coming for a meeting tonight... can't have people over when the house is a wreck right? Didn't happen.

This morning I woke up late because dearest got up before the butt crack of dawn, didn't wake me and then turned the alarm off. He's merrily pissing around on his computer and doesn't even entertain the thought that the rest of us might have things to do and need to get out of bed.  And so it begins, the chaos that is morning in our house.

I had a meeting to get to this morning for credit on my insurance license continuing ed... i had to drive an hour each way for a three hour class.... ergo... sleepiness... drowsy through the class where they close the blinds and dim the lights. They may as well have handed me a snuggie and a cup of warm milk. Then a long drive back through the countryside of South GA.... more conditions conducive to napping.

After that I had an afternoon of catching up on what I normally do in the mornings along with helping out other co-workers with their filing... yes filing! urggghhhh.  Still, if you're helping someone out you're helping someone out, it doesn't matter how you do it as long as you do it. We learned in our meeting this morning that whatever you do for someone, it's human nature for them to feel the need to return the favor... and that's what I traveled all that way to learn!!!!!

So now it's later, the meeting is over and I did manage to clean up before everyone arrived, it was a little hectic because the girls and the dogs were kinda all over the place to begin with. Did we accomplish anything? only time will tell.  Do I feel better.... nope.... I'm going to bed and tomorrow is another freakin' day... I won't give up on the commitments I've made, I'll just learn not to commit in the future!!!!!!!!!!!


rxBambi said...

Ok I was gonna tell you to quit whining, cuz that's what you'd say to me. Instead I'm gonna say... ummm... your house is fine, your friends don't care, your hubby needs to buy you a new handbag to make up for it (I'm thinking Gucci, there's one I really want, only $1100) and kids and dogs go with the territory.
You are amazing. Go have a good day!

McGillicutty said...

Oh how I love it when you stroke my ego and make me feel better!!! You're right about the handbag, we're off to St Augustine this weekend so I may be able to twist his arm in the fabulous boutiques they have there!!!

Liz said...

So when I see the title - I'm pissed.......... I'm English that says to me you're drunk!! Now I see 'you're pissed'...... actually means you're cross.... lol!! I'm so going to use that phrase now - especially as a pub landlady!

Keep on being pissed!

Liz x